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794% Increase in Revenue YoY

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715% Increase in Transactions YoY


KURU Footwear, a leading DTC shoe brand for foot pain, came to Perform[cb] looking to generate incremental new customer acquisition and increase conversion rates through organic marketing efforts, all while maximizing ROAS. The footwear brand wanted to expand its awareness partnerships, including content publishers, review and listicle partners, and micro-influencer relationships.


The Perform[cb] team strategized with KURU Footwear to build an upper and mid-funnel approach, focusing on recruiting micro-influencers, review and listicle publishers, and product guide partners specializing in the shoe and pain relief vertical. With consistent outreach, the Agency team sought out high-quality publishers whose audiences aligned with KURU’s target audience. Additionally, the Agency team worked with major conversion partners, such as Skimlinks, Forbes, and VigLink, to maximize traffic and transaction growth.


By optimizing with the specific niche, high-quality upper and mid-funnel partners, and partnering with major conversion partners, Perform[cb] exceeded KURU Footwear’s new customer acquisition KPIs in 2022. All while keeping a focus on organic upper-funnel content, KURU Footwear saw a 715% increase in transactions, and a 794% increase in revenue year-over-year. Perform[cb] is excited about the success of this campaign and plans to continue working with KURU Footwear to scale its affiliate program and optimize its customer acquisition strategy.