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Over 70,000 Installs Driven in One Month

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96% of Installs Driven by iOS Users 

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6.22% Average Conversion Rate from Click to Install


A top e-commerce marketer joined Perform[cb] Outcome Engine looking to drive app installs and generate in-app sales. The client was looking to launch and run a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) campaign that would drive high volume to their app leading into Q4 high seasonality.


In order to achieve this marketer’s KPIs, the Perform[cb] team strategized with top-performing partners. The team started running CPI campaigns by hand-selecting the strongest e-commerce publishers to drive volume to the marketer’s app through in-app and mobile web traffic. Additionally, the marketer wanted to focus on driving iOS traffic, so it was crucial that the Perform[cb] team targeted users on iOS.


With over 70,000 installs driven in one month, and 50,000 installs and counting in the following month, this e-commerce marketer is eager to continue running CPI campaigns. Additionally, the Perform[cb] team achieved a 6.22% average conversion rate from click to install. Our top-performing partners also saw great success targeting iOS users, with 96% of installs coming from iOS devices. Although not a direct objective, this e-commerce marketer’s app saw 98% of installs were driven by top service providers, including T-Mobile and AT&T. This marketer is eager to continue driving high volumes of installs and in-app purchases into their high seasonality during the Q4 holiday season.