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120% Increase in New Customer Acquisition

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105% Increase in Total Channel Revenue

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73% Increase in New Incremental Customers


Drizly, the #1 alcohol delivery service, was looking to grow their affiliate program’s new customer acquisition in tandem with peak Q4 seasonality around the holidays. Having achieved success with Perform[cb] in the past, the Agency team knew it would be crucial to identify top publishers that would drive incremental new customer volume for Drizly.


To prepare for peak seasonality in a highly saturated market, Perform[cb] tested new partnership
opportunities in an effort to increase customer acquisition and differentiate Drizly from its competitors.
Perform[cb] focused on three types of affiliate partners throughout the buyer’s funnel to produce high
conversion rates.

The Agency team onboarded Figg, which allowed customers to link their bank accounts to Drizly and earn cashback. Being that the alcohol delivery space is such a competitive market, bidding on Drizly’s trademark terms was becoming increasingly expensive. To combat this, Perform[cb] recruited a TM+ bidding partner to bid on Drizly’s terms in exchange for content inclusions within the Drizly app. With content partnerships historically driving strong conversion volume and revenue for Drizly, the Agency team also strategically collaborated with existing content publishers.


By recruiting and onboarding proven affiliate partners throughout the buyer’s funnel, Drizly acquired 120% more new customers in just two months during peak seasonality. Drizly calculates incrementality in a unique way, meaning that a pre-assigned incremental value is designated depending on the channel the customer converts through. For example, deal sites use 15% incrementality. Taking this into account, Drizly was able to secure 73% growth in new incremental customers. Drizly’s customer acquisition goals were exceeded by 120% over the previous two months. By onboarding Figg, Drizly was able to boost its new customer acquisition by 30% in just one month. Additionally, the TM+ bidding partner contributed to 20% of the new customer acquisition for Drizly, while also securing their trademarked search terms. By providing trusted content publishers with the necessary assets prior to Drizly’s seasonality, Perform[cb] secured 143 content inclusions for Drizly – a 22% increase year over year. Proactive promotional planning and strategic partnerships enabled Drizly to achieve a 105% increase in total channel revenue in just two months.

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