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75% Increase in New User Acquisition MoM

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5,000+ New Quote Requests Over 3 Months

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#1 In the App Store in the Car Insurance Category


The insurance app came to Perform[cb] as a new type of car insurance offering a unique app to the insurance space. The marketer was looking to grow their brand’s presence in the car insurance industry and throughout the U.S.


Being a new company, the client was willing to try several different strategies to find what best suited their brand. Perform[cb] tested and optimized numerous partners, while implementing dynamic rates starting with CPA campaigns. After starting the CPA campaign, the marketer agreed to run a CPI campaign simultaneously to drive more volume.


By strategically testing a variety of partners and rotating out underperforming sources, Perform[cb] was able to drive over 5,000 new quote requests for this client within three months. During the early phases of testing, the marketer saw a 75% increase in new profiles month over month. The client continues to see substantial month over month growth in user acquisition. Perform[cb]’s optimizations ultimately drove this marketer to be #1 in the Apple App Store in the car insurance category.