Outcome-Based Customer Acquisition for E-Commerce Brands

Ready to Crush Your E-commerce Growth KPIs?

If you’re looking to acquire new customers and increase CLV, you’ve come to the right place. Perform[cb]’s Outcome Engine and Affiliate Management Agency, voted #1 since 2015 and powered by patented software, excels in delivering new customer acquisition on an outcome-based model. You can rely on Perform[cb], the leader in outcome-based marketing, to accomplish your growth goals with ROI at the forefront – while paying only for high-quality customers.

Our proven playbook includes:

  • Scalable, exclusive, high-quality traffic optimized for AOV and CLV
  • Trusted by top brands
  • Proprietary platform offering audience segmentation, AI-powered targeting, value-based pricing, and up-to-the-minute reporting for quick decision making
  • 24/7, award-winning, patented brand safety and fraud prevention
  • Dedicated in-house compliance team
  • Expert account management and partner recruitment
  • Access to 25+ digital media channels
  • Consolidated program management with custom reporting and program analysis
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Sale (CPS), Cost Per Lead (CPL) & Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing

With a dedicated in-house compliance team and the ability to establish specific campaign targeting parameters within our proprietary platform, we’ve been providing consistency in quality and volume for decades.

Get in touch with Perform[cb]’s team of experts now to launch your e-commerce campaigns and drive high-quality customer acquisition at scale.

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