Our team of developers is constantly cranking out platform updates and value-add tools to increase performance and make life easier for our marketers and partners. Here you can learn more about the major technology features and how they will help you scale.

Budget Groups & Pixel Groups: Our Newest Affiliate Marketing Technology Update

Posted By Perform[cb] on Oct 19 2016
At Clickbooth, our vision is to empower our advertisers to scale their ROIs, using our one-of-a-kind technology to deliver consistency, quality and scale. The Clickbooth Performance Exchange offers performance advertisers more control than ever over their marketing spends with features like device and geo targeting as well as dayparting.

Naming Pixels & Archiving Links/Offer Groups: Perform[cb]’s Latest Affiliate Interface Updates

Posted By Perform[cb] on Sep 19 2016
A key benefit to Clickbooth’s “in-house” technology team is our ability to react quickly to client requests. This week’s platform updates center around productivity and user experience for our affiliates.

LP Offer Rotation: Perform[cb]’s Latest Innovation to Increase Affiliates’ Return

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 1 2016
At Clickbooth, our vision is to empower our affiliates to scale their ROIs, using our one-of-a-kind technology to deliver increased EPCs and eCPMs. Since we’ve moved our business from Cake to our own CB Performance Exchange, a top request among affiliates has been the ability to rely on us to update product images and offer names on their landing pages.

Perform[cb] Performance Exchange Walk-Through for Email Affiliates

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 20 2016
Email traffic has now been migrated to The Clickbooth Performance Exchange. With this transition, our email affiliates now have access to our top-performing offers through the platform and will benefit from the platform’s innovative interface.

Perform[cb] Delivers on Proprietary Platform Email Integration!

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 18 2016
Clickbooth is excited to announce the completion of our email traffic migration onto The Clickbooth Performance Exchange Platform!

30-40% Higher Earnings Per Click (EPC)? How Can I Track It?

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jan 22 2016
Are you ready to dominate your competition and see 30-40% higher EPCs? This is achieved by blending the best CPA offers and layering it with a CPC bidding marketplace where advertisers are fighting for your traffic. Sounds great, right? But how do you track it?

Let Smartrlinks Handle Your Holiday Stress!

Posted By Perform[cb] on Dec 2 2015
It’s that time of year again, shoppers are shopping and the holidays are fast approaching! Expected spending on this winter’s holiday shopping is estimated to reach $630 billion. YES we said BILLION! With this surplus of spending happening, the holidays prove to be a crucial profit period for affiliate marketers.

Perform[cb] Announces Launch of Smarter Performance Platform

Posted By Perform[cb] on May 6 2015
Clickbooth, the industry leading performance network, announces the release of cb:Leap (Link Enabled AffiliatePlatform). cb:Leap is a patent-pending, revolutionary platform that will change the industry in ways some thought unimaginable. Affiliate Marketing Industry News Aggregator

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jun 24 2009
As the affiliate marketing industry continues to expand and grow, so are the number of blogs out there teaching people how to make money online, as well…

What Does A Possible Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Mean To You, Search Engine Marketer?

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jul 11 2008
by Harald AndersonClickbooth Director of Search Engine Marketing Last year Google generated $18.12 billion in revenue while its chief pay per click rival Yahoo added $7.12 billion…
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