5 Essential Tips for a Website Redesign

Clickbooth lives by the mantra “Think Bigger” so naturally, our website is no exception. Our new design is the result of a dedicated team, countless hours and always, keeping YOU in mind. With feedback from our clients, we now have a site that matches our feature packed platform and is completely optimized for mobile viewing.

With over 15 years of experience growing our brand, we’ve realized just how much work goes into redesigning a website (a few times!). Below, you’ll find our top 5 essential tips to guarantee a successful redesign. Change can be hard, but we guarantee your clients will thank you for a site that’s easier to navigate.

Establish Your Team

Put things on a more personal level by establishing your team. Not only is it better to have a face with a name, but it’s nice being able to find someone’s information easily. Add important items like their email, Skype username or LinkedIn profile in order to provide the most information possible.

Simplify Your Log In Page

A successful redesign centers around cleaning up your page to make it more user-friendly. Since your log in page plays an important role, make sure you make it easy to access by keeping it simple.

Publish Upcoming Events 

If your company has upcoming events, make them visible on every page of your website. Putting a list of your upcoming events keeps your clients (and potential clients) up to date on where you’ll be.

Make It Easy To Subscribe

Instead of creating a separate newsletter section on your site, create a button in your footer where users can simply input their email address to receive industry insights and announcements.

Define How To Get In Touch

Make your “Contact” section fully defined in order to help users access the information they need.

Are you implementing these tips already? If not, maybe it’s time to change things up and see the difference it can make for your site!

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