Perform[cb] Agency Expands Services with Essentials Offering

Are you a small to mid-sized brand trying to break into performance marketing? Looking to launch an affiliate marketing program but not sure how to go about it? Or maybe you’re simply looking to drive more sales or acquisitions to your website or mobile app? Perform[cb] Agency is excited to announce the launch of its Essentials service offering. The Essentials offering provides the Agency’s clients with industry-leading expertise and brand-name affiliate partner recruitment at an affordable price point. 

Affiliate marketing allows marketers of all sizes to gain brand awareness, increase desktop and mobile traffic, and drive higher ROI. By utilizing a holistic approach to performance marketing, marketers are able to reach and engage consumers within every stage of the buyers’ funnel. Performance marketing can be expensive to start due to the investment required to ensure placement priority and relationships with the industry’s leading publications. However, Perform[cb]’s Essentials offering allows small to mid-sized brands to gain exposure and recognition with these top affiliates while increasing volume and user acquisition. 

There’s a common misconception within the performance marketing space that outsourcing affiliate program management to an agency comes with a hefty monthly cost and a long-term commitment. Perform[cb]’s Essentials enables marketers to access the industry’s top affiliate partners and a dedicated account management team without the large investment or lengthy contract. 

Interested in learning more about how Perform[cb] Agency’s Essentials services could benefit your brand? Reach out now!

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