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COVID-19 Has Given the E-Commerce Vertical More Power than Ever

Posted By Perform[cb] on May 19 2020
What started as a forced shift in consumer behavior in direct response to the worldwide stay-in-place orders that spanned the globe, could now very well be the new reality.

Perform[cb] Agency Announces the Launch of the HYPER Affiliate Program

Posted By Perform[cb] on May 13 2020
HYPER is a groundbreaking mobile technology retailer offering cutting edge accessories for all mobile devices, with a focus on Apple compatibility.

Preparing Your Marketing Plan for a New Normal

Posted By Perform[cb] on May 12 2020
The current economic turmoil is not as “unprecedented” as you might think.

Perform[cb] Agency Announces Mobile App Acquisition Services

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 29 2020
Perform[cb] Agency’s mobile app acquisition services help apps across the spectrum to launch and streamline their affiliate partner management.

How to Fortify Your Marketing Strategy in a Crisis

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 28 2020
Through sweeping health concerns and a severe economic downturn, virtually no one has been left untouched by its effects.

Perform[cb] Agency Expands Services with Essentials Offering

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 23 2020
The Essentials offering provides the Agency’s clients with industry-leading expertise and brand-name affiliate partner recruitment at an affordable price point.

Perform[cb] Agency Launches Atom Finance Affiliate Program

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 20 2020
Atom Finance is the free finance app that’s sweeping the competition in terms of providing equal access to professional investor research.

Two Verticals that Aren’t Slowing Down in a Stay-at-Home Economy

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 20 2020
With COVID-19 making its presence known across the globe, virtually every country is now well entrenched in the new “stay-at-home” lifestyle.

4 Steps to Master Lead Generation Marketing with Performance Marketing

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 14 2020
Find out the necessary steps to launch and maintain a successful lead generation campaign through performance marketing.

Perform[cb] Agency Launches Courant Affiliate Program

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 9 2020
Courant is changing the way we’re charging all of our smart devices. Launched in 2018, Courant’s product line consists of chic wireless charging stations equipped with enough power and surface area to charge two smartphones and your bluetooth headphones simultaneously.
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