How an Affiliate Agency Scales and Strengthens Partnerships 

Taking off in the affiliate space is a piece of cake, right? Wrong… unless you’re just extremely lucky. Many brands find this out the hard way when attempting to launch a new affiliate program in-house, with little to no experience – and then little to no success. The smartest, most effective way to launch an affiliate program is with a trusted agency guiding and assisting you every step of the way.

Ready to take your partnerships to the next level? Learn what your brand could gain when backed by an affiliate management agency.

Established Partner Relationships

A successful affiliate strategy relies almost entirely on industry relationships. Recruiting and onboarding the right partners to fit your target audience is only the first stepping stone – maintaining and growing those relationships is key. Starting from scratch to build an affiliate program’s publisher base takes a lot of time and effort, and can be fraught with rejections or simply “no-replies” from the big, desirable publishers. Experienced affiliate agencies come to the table with established relationships with these publishers, meaning your brand will have almost instantaneous access. No matter your niche, the best agencies will have relationships with hundreds of high-quality publishers to fit your customer acquisition goals. This can save months and months of time, and mean the difference between a launch that succeeds and one that falls flat. 

With over two decades of expansive industry experience, Perform[cb] has solid relationships with some of the biggest publishers in the space, contributing to our in-house curated partner marketplace. From awareness to consideration to conversion partners, in all top verticals including finance, health and fitness, or e-commerce, we’ve got it covered. Get in touch now to request a free affiliate program audit and get a sneak peek into the publishers your brand could be introduced to.

Recruitment, Onboarding, Testing, Oh My!

Many intricacies go into recruiting and testing new strategic partners, including publisher vetting, SERP audits, creative and promotion updates, paid placement management, and more. A good affiliate agency should spend ample time understanding your brand’s specific goals and audience to build a targeted recruitment strategy. With a dedicated affiliate management team at your disposal, you’ll have the opportunity to test new partnerships, pricing models, and traffic types that may have seemed impossible in-house.

Many brand marketers don’t realize the colossal amount of consistent communication that must occur with partners when setting up, launching, growing, and maintaining an affiliate program. Recruiting, onboarding, fostering relationships, and learning which creatives and copy work best all require constant collaboration. Not to mention many publishers fill up their content calendars many months in advance, so having conversations early is key to ensuring your brand is being promoted in the top placements. By planning early, marketers can test these placements to ensure partners’ engagement levels are up to par or make any necessary changes. 

At Perform[cb], we are masters of communication, routinely updating our brands’ partners and staying on top of their content calendars. Our team maintains dedicated outreach and communication, taking care of everything so brands like yours don’t have to – let’s discuss your ROI goals today!

Out-of-the-Box Campaigns

Aside from doing all the heavy lifting for your brand’s partnerships, affiliate agencies also bring ingenious ideas to strengthen and scale further. Through years of learned best practices, these experts know a thing or two about how to optimize and set your brand apart from the competition.

Before making a purchase, the average consumer engages with 3 to 5 pieces of content. Perform[cb] knows that every stage of the funnel requires a different strategic approach to provoke engagement and resonate with target consumers – just another reason a diversified partner base is more likely to lead to a successful campaign. Our team always recommends taking a full-funnel approach, exploring awareness partnerships with content publishers, incorporating consideration content such as case studies or testimonials, and leading consumers to convert with deal, coupon, and loyalty sites.

Perform[cb]’s affiliate management team makes out-of-the-box thinking a priority, which has resulted in our clients’ sales growing 3x in the first year on average. 

Team of Industry Experts

There is an abundance of planning, communication, and strategizing necessary to keep your affiliate program profitable. If you’re currently managing in-house and running into bandwidth roadblocks, it’s time to reach out to an experienced agency partner to guide your program’s growth. Your dedicated agency team will guide you every step of the way, through testing new partnerships, pricing models, traffic types, and all of the optimizations in between to maximize your ROI.

Perform[cb]’s award-winning agency has been leading the affiliate industry since 2002. With over 500+ years of collective industry experience, our team of veterans touch all verticals, allowing us to hand-pick the best publishers to fit and scale your brand. Along with consolidated program management, custom reporting, and program analysis, our in-house compliance team and patented anti-fraud technology enforce your brand standards and keep your program ahead of potential traffic hiccups 24/7. We have the expertise to know what will work for your brand and what won’t.

Learn how this marketer achieved a 286% increase in revenue within the first month after transitioning their previously in-house affiliate program management to Perform[cb].

Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best

Not every affiliate program should be treated the same, because no two are the same. Your program needs a strategy that is custom-built to achieve your outcome-based marketing goals. Partnering with Perform[cb]agency is the surest way to become profitable. Our team leverages years of industry experience, huge pools of existing publisher relationships, and learned best practices to build a custom outcome-based strategy just for your brand’s marketing goals. From gaining access to pre-existing partner relationships to onboarding high-quality affiliates, constant communication and brand protection, and securing the best placements, Perform[cb] agency will take care of every detail. 

Want to see 3x growth and 10x ROAS? Perform[cb] is the team to make it happen. Reach out to our affiliate management experts today to learn how we can use our “secret sauce” to scale and strengthen your partnerships.

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