Perform[cb]’s Top Highlights from Affiliate Summit West (ASW) 2023

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… except when it comes to recapping the top highlights from one of the biggest shows across the affiliate industry – Affiliate Summit West! Two weeks later and our team is still reveling in the valuable time spent with marketers and partners to catch up with and brainstorm for a successful year ahead. When you gather with the brightest minds in the industry, amazing things are bound to happen – let’s dive into a few of our team members’ key takeaways, trends, and insights from the event.

Affiliate Summit West Key Takeaways

Pay Per Call and Lead Gen Gaining Traction

Pay per call (PPC) advertising continues to be a hot topic of discussion and the major traffic source for social and display. One of our Partner Account Executives, Dane Armstrong, noted that “the interest of pay per call offers is significantly increasing, as many existing and prospective partners were looking for more pay per call offers.” Additionally, Tyler Morrow, Vice President of Sales, found that “clients in the insurance and home services verticals were all about call traffic.” Perform[cb], named one of the Best Pay Per Call Networks Worldwide by mThink’s Performance & Revenue Blue Book survey, has been leading the PPC charge, delivering countless quality callers with high intent to our marketers’ campaigns. 

Learn how a leading auto insurance marketer saw a 43% increase in conversions and 32,418 new calls with a 13-minute average call duration quarter-over-quarter with Perform[cb].

The interest in lead generation continues to scale in the insurance vertical. Our team members observed that home services is growing into an emerging market within lead generation, specifically for Facebook traffic. Perform[cb]’s hyper-targeted lead tier system allows us to provide high-quality leads for our marketers.

Learn how we helped a popular home improvement marketer see a 1,917% increase in leads!

Removing Complexities Around Card Linking Offers and Paid Media

Card-linking offers are growing in popularity, as more marketers than ever are looking into opportunities with these conversion partners. Perform[cb] Outcome Engine and Agency teams strategize with various card-linking partners to drive new transaction growth for our marketers across all top verticals.

Learn how testing with a leading card-linking partner, Figg, pushed Vitauthority to achieve a 256% increase in new customer revenue through the affiliate channel year-over-year.

Paid media is a tried-and-true way for brands to drive traffic to their website within the affiliate channel. The attraction toward paid media and how it can be worked into marketing budgets without complexities continues to expand. This growing interest comes as no surprise, as the average paid search campaign generates a 200% ROI. Top performing examples of paid media include placements throughout product listicles, gift guides, and publisher reviews. 

Learn how a popular sunglasses brand saw a 210% increase in revenue in just one month after Perform[cb]’s agency team secured paid media placements with top-performing content publishers.

B2B Marketers Have Entered the Affiliate Chat

While historically viewed as a B2C channel, there is an influx of B2B brands looking to enter the affiliate channel. Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Agency, Craig McGlynn, found that “the influencer category is continuing to take share in the affiliate monetization model.” With this, it’s no surprise that content commerce is also taking over the space in 2023. Backing your affiliate program with a full-funnel strategy with publishers who can reach all points of the consumer journey is crucial to “entering the chat” and owning the conversation in your market. As B2B is one of the fastest-growing segments in affiliate marketing, learn about the tactics necessary for B2B brands to see success within the channel. If you’re ready to put these tactics into action, reach out to our team of outcome-based marketing experts now. 

Deepening Industry Relationships is a Win-Win

The importance of creating and maintaining industry relationships was more apparent this year than ever before. Our Executive Vice President of Partners, Brian Taylor, noted that “from a company perspective, it was nice to have some C-level team members from Perform[cb] who were able to speak directly with other industry leaders.” He continued that he believes “this really helped boost the overall Engine relationship with some of our top long-term Clients.” As an industry that is built on partnerships, this offered opportunities for us s to get to know our marketers and partners on a personal level and further share how we can make their customer acquisition goals a reality. 

Finally, our team noted that across the board Affiliate Summit West is a great event for deepening partner relationships across various channels. Many of our team members found that it was “well-attended with high energy after the Covid years, and that many large content, review, and editorial sites sent huge teams to the show.” We can’t wait to attend ASE in the Big Apple in July and we’ll see you there.  But no need to wait until then – if you’re a marketer who wants to connect with one of our affiliate experts, just hit us up here. Partners can apply to join here or check out our agency programs here

Putting Our Insights Into Action

Our team has already begun applying these takeaways to create continued success for our marketers and partners. Do these highlights align with your goals for 2023? Reach out to our team of outcome-based marketing experts to learn how we can use these insights to scale your customer acquisition strategy today.

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