OBM In a Nutshell: Top Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM) Verticals and Industries

Welcome to the concluding segment of our ‘OBM In a Nutshell’ series! We’ve dissected what outcome-based marketing (OBM) entails, how it operates, crafting strategies, measurement, and its benefits. 

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Now, you may be left wondering if OBM is the right choice for your brand. The truth is that OBM’s success often depends on the industry, and Perform[cb] stands as a powerhouse across key verticals: e-commerce, finance, health and wellness, mobile apps, and downloads & software. Let’s explore how each thrives with OBM!

E-Commerce and Retail

It is a shock to nobody that in the customer acquisition world, e-commerce is one of the most influential and rapidly expanding verticals, dominating outcome-based marketing (OBM) spending with a 76% share in 2022. This significant investment showcases OBM’s power to scale conversions and strengthen brand loyalty, thus driving return on ad spend (ROAS) and return on investment (ROI). 

At Perform[cb], we believe partnerships should make up at least 15% of an e-commerce brand’s online sales, with the potential for further growth. E-commerce marketers typically use a cost-per-sale (CPS) pricing model – a particularly effective choice for traditional product offerings, allowing granular tracking of individual sales.

A full-funnel approach is the way to go, meaning testing across various awareness-funnel content sites, consideration-funnel product review publishers, and conversion-funnel deal and loyalty sites. With our extensive and diversified partner base across all major and emerging traffic channels, Perform[cb] goes a step further by collaborating with your PR team, offering incentives for content strategies through tailored commission programs. Armed with these innovative approaches, Perform[cb]‘s customer acquisition team consistently delivers high-quality traffic at an unprecedented scale.

Need evidence? Learn how Perform[cb] empowered a leading e-commerce brand to reshape its content strategy, reduce promotions, and achieve a 180% increase in sales. If you’re an e-commerce brand looking to implement an OBM strategy, reach out today to kickstart your transformation.


In the ever-evolving finance industry, characterized by surging demands for online banking tools, swift payment methods, and intelligent investing apps, the opportunity to drive massive scale to your finance, insurance, or banking-related brand has never been more promising. For brands prioritizing campaign competitiveness and strategic payouts, an outcome-based marketing (OBM) strategy opens doors to diverse media opportunities and scalable growth.

Marketers in the finance vertical aim for quality over quantity, seeking reliable, actionable insights and meaningful conversions. Opting for a pay-per-call (PPC) pricing model aligns with the lengthier sales processes and the need for personal details over the phone before conversion. 

Marketers don’t have to feel hesitant about testing across new digital channels, as OBM is a proven risk-free model. However, finance marketers must be on top of their game when it comes to maintaining marketing compliance and providing customers with a transparent buying experience. From navigating FTC and SEC advertising laws to adhering to content compliance and bank regulations, Perform[cb] stands as your guardian. Our arsenal includes enhanced compliance monitoring, rigorous partner vetting, and our anti-fraud proprietary technology, PerformSHIELD, with campaign management capabilities. 

Witness the success of a popular banking app looking for a partner to grow its iOS use base and drive post-install events, such as app registrations and subscriptions. Within two months of partnering with Perform[cb], this banking app achieved a 233% increase in new user volume on iOS. Want to see similar results for your finance or insurance brand? Reach out today.

Health and Wellness

Brands across the health and wellness vertical have been experiencing a surge in demand, with 50% of Americans saying they’ve increased focus on their wellness in recent years. Leveraging this momentum, outcome-based marketing (OBM) has the potential to connect health and wellness brands to high-intent consumers eager to convert. 

Marketers in the health and wellness vertical must have a strategic customer acquisition plan to capture the growing consumer interest. Perform[cb] is ready to elevate your strategy through compelling storytelling promotions, securing strategic premium publisher placements, expertise in HIPAA compliance programs, and strategic capitalization on peak seasonality across premium traffic channels. In an industry projected to reach a staggering $6.99 trillion by 2025, Perform[cb] ensures that your health and wellness brand stands out amid growing competition.

Take inspiration from Lyric, a brand specializing in massage therapy tools. Learn how Perform[cb] was able to significantly scale this wellness marketers’ new program with a 258% increase in revenue in one month. For health and wellness brands ready to embrace the transformative potential of OBM – begin your journey with Perform[cb] now

Mobile App

Mobile app marketers seeking measurable, performance-based growth are ideal for outcome-based marketing (OBM). Commonly adopting the cost-per-engagement (CPE) or cost-per-install (CPI) pricing models, CPE suits targeted post-install events, while CPI caters to those prioritizing installs.

The spectrum of campaign types available to iOS and Android app marketers under OBM is vast – display, social, in-app ads, ASO, search, push, retargeting, and more. Note that if not already, mobile marketers will need to collaborate with a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to track and measure campaign performance effectively. Perform[cb] is seamlessly integrated with the industry’s leading MMPs, including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and Singular.

Learn the success story of a leading car insurance app that was looking to grow its brand’s presence in the car insurance industry. Perform[cb] drove the marketer to #1 in the Apple App Store’s car insurance category, achieving a 75% increase in new user acquisition within a month. If you’re a mobile marketer ready to embrace OBM’s potential, connect with our team of mobile marketing experts today.

Downloads and Software Services

In the realm of downloads and software, success hinges on acquiring and retaining users. This demands a laser focus on marketing compliance to safeguard your business and foster consumer trust. Manual campaign monitoring is unsustainable, especially as your brand grows. At Perform[cb],  our stringent partner-vetting, in-house compliance, and patented anti-fraud technology enable secure scalability for lead volume and subscription renewals.

Perform[cb] tailors outcome-based marketing (OBM) strategies to your brand’s goals, leveraging diverse partners across premium channels. Our targeting and tracking capabilities provide insights into lead quality, conversion rates, and subscription volume, maximizing ROAS and scaling across the vertical. 

Discover how a leading global cyber security software capitalized on Perform[cb]’s exclusive traffic channels to the rune of 1,350% growth in subscription revenue. Are you a downloads or software brand ready to grow your publisher base with a full-funnel approach and access untapped user segments? Reach out to our team today.

Navigating Outcome-Based Marketing (OBM) Across Industries

Though we’ve only spotlighted a handful of industries, outcome-based marketing (OBM) applies to every industry! With over two decades of industry experience, Perform[cb]‘s growth management teams drive high-value customer acquisition through exclusive, high-quality traffic distribution.

Connect with Perform[cb]‘s seasoned customer acquisition experts today to kickstart your OBM journey. For more profound insights, dive into the exclusive expertise of our OBM veterans – access here.

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