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233% Increase in New User Volume in One Month

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500+ App Installs Driven per Day

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15,000+ App Registrations in Two Months


A popular banking app came to Perform[cb] in hopes of growing its iOS user base, as it was already devoting a large portion of its ad spend to Android. This marketer was looking to increase app installs and further drive post-install events, such as app registrations and subscriptions.


Prior to joining Perform[cb] this marketer was using an MMP that did not allow for attribution of iOS without SKAN traffic. In an effort to shift this approach to both drive scale and avoid jeopardizing Android traffic, the Perform[cb] team strategized with the marketer’s mobile team and decided to utilize Adjust for iOS traffic specifically.  

With a focus on compliance and fraud, a selection of vetted, high-quality display partners in the finance vertical were onboarded to begin scaling traffic for this marketer. Additionally, post-install events were optimized to ensure CPA goals were hit as volume continued to increase.


Within two months of launching the campaign, this finance marketer went from 150 installs per day to 500. By adjusting the marketer’s MMP for iOS, Perform[cb] was able to drive over 15,000 app registrations, and more than 2,000 subscriptions. With a 233% increase in new user volume on iOS in just one month, this marketer has exceeded its campaign goals and KPIs.