Congratulations to Jennifer Ballard on 5 Stellar Years at Perform[cb]!

Congratulations to Director of Affiliates, Jennifer Ballard, on the first 5 of many years to come at Clickbooth! Jenn has become such an integral part of our team and has truly helped so many in her time here at CB. Her outgoing and spunky personality will keep you on your toes and her special fluffy work slippers will bring a smile to your face. We are proud of all her achievements and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

During her tenure here at Clickbooth, Jenn has done some pretty amazing things both inside and outside the office.
1. A lot of people do not realize that I started my Clickbooth career on the media team. From there, an opportunity was presented to make a move over to the pub team. Since then, in my 5 years I have been promoted to Sr. Affiliate Executive and now currently, Director of Affiliates.


2. On a personal level, a ton has happened in my 5 memorable years at CB. I moved to Venice, got engaged, got married, bought a home, had a baby and then bought a second home! I didn’t realize until writing this out but that is a TON to experience within 5 years, wowza!


3. One of my favorite aspects of working at Clickbooth is that your teammates and co-workers truly become your family. I am fortunate to have met so many amazing people here that I now consider family.


4. Working at Clickbooth has given me the chance to travel to new places I’ve never been. I was lucky enough to visit California for the first time on a business trip. Opportunities like this are hard to come by and I really try to soak it all in!


5. Confidence! It is the trust that Clickbooth has in me that has given me the confidence to make the hard decisions here at work and outside of work. I cannot wait to see what the next 5 years bring.


Jenn, on the day you were hired, September 19th, 2006
  • It was International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Most popular movie: The Departed
  • In the headlines: T-Mobile Leads Bids for Airwaves, Napster Hires UBS to Explore a Possible Sale, High-Def DVDs Get Cool Reception
  • Facebook opens up to those who are 13 and older. No longer being a network that requires you to be a college student
Your Horoscope on this day:
You will reach the goals you have set for yourself recently even if sometimes it feels you’re gong the wrong way. Other people’s actions and ideas could prove useful to you in some way. Don’t give up even if you’re tempted to start something new. Keep trying a wee while longer and you will have reason to be proud of your efforts.


Thank you for all that you do but most of all, thank you for being you. We congratulate you on 5 amazing years!


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