Perform[cb]’s Affiliate World Europe 2018 Recap

Adperio took a trip overseas to Barcelona, Spain to exhibit at Affiliate World Europe. Check out the three key takeaways from AWE 2018 according to Adperio team members, Heather Stauffer and Jennifer Schackel.

  1. Adperio saw a strong presence from advertisers who were looking for mobile content traffic. There were also some publishers seeking that same traffic, so the conference offered the opportunity to connect those dots. Additionally, it’s noteworthy to mention there weren’t as many mobile CPI publishers in attendance this year, compared to past years. This was also the case at Affiliate Summit West in January of this year. Although the reasoning behind this trend is unclear, non-CPI publisher attendance is worth tracking.
  2. GDPR, Click-to-Install-Time (CTIT) rates, and fraud were popular talking points with publishers. The Adperio team found that most publishers are looking for solutions to increase CTIT rates, prevent CPI fraud, and address the challenges in transparency that are now in place due to the GDPR regulations, which took effect in May. Publishers are researching how they can build tools that will monitor the CTIT rates for their sources and auto-pause those that aren’t meeting required metrics. Additionally, publishers are reviewing fraud tools, or looking to build their own, which will enable them to proactively block out low-quality or fraudulent sources.
  3. Finally, the team noted the show floor was well designed. With angled booths, clean signage for individual vendors, and large aisle space so that the floor never felt over-crowded. This aspect was a necessity as this year’s attendee list exceeded 3,000 attendees and vendors from around the globe.

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