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Freshly delivers healthy, chef-prepared meals to customers’ doorsteps through a weekly subscription model. “Healthy” means that our menu is designed using whole, natural ingredients – every meal is packed with high-quality proteins, heart-healthy fats, and nutrient-dense carbohydrates. Freshly meals will NEVER contain gluten, refined sugars, or artificial additives. Meals arrive fresh, never frozen, and are ready to eat within 3 minutes.

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  • 30-day cookie window
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We are looking for health minded, gourmet food loving, convenience needing, bloggers, and social media gurus to try Freshly.

If you want to try Freshly for yourself and have 100k+ site visits per month, contact the Freshly Affiliate Team for a free box and share your experience with your audience.

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We look forward to working and collaborating with you. For any questions regarding setup, payouts, or promotions please reach out to the Freshly Affiliate Team.

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