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Scaling Affiliate Programs of All Sizes

Not looking for a one-size-fits-all approach to affiliate marketing? Unlike other affiliate management agencies, Perform[cb] Agency’s service offerings are diverse, scalable, and customizable to each client’s specific business needs.

Whether your business is a startup or household name, the Agency works with marketers at all stages of the brand journey to scale and reach their desired consumers. We’re committed to working as an extension of your internal team to ensure the success of your affiliate program.

Our offerings for Marketers include:

  • A range of service tiers to best fit your marketing goals
  • Consolidated program management with custom reporting and
    program analysis
  • Full Compliance and Brand Safety team to enforce your brand standards
  • Dedicated Partner team for ongoing custom affiliate recruitment and
  • The Agency is platform agnostic and will help select the best tracking
    platform for your program’s needs


Are you an affiliate partner interested in joining one of our Client programs?  Visit our Clients page here.

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Are you an affiliate partner interested in joining one of our Client programs? Visit our Clients page
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On average, Perform[cb] Agency grew client sales:

in the first 3 months
in the first 6 months
in the first year

Our Capabilities

Affiliate Program Audit Icon
Affiliate Program Audit
The Agency performs a full program audit for marketers with existing programs prior to providing recommendations for launching and optimizing a client’s program. For those marketers looking to launch a new affiliate program, the Agency team will present a detailed strategy based on the client’s goals and key initiatives within the affiliate channel.
Consolidated Management Icon
Consolidated Management
Perform[cb] Agency provides a range of services to ensure all aspects of a client’s affiliate program are monitored and scaled appropriately.
Reporting & Analysis Icon
Reporting & Analysis
Each client will receive custom reporting and program analysis based on their marketing goals. These insights will be used to drive strategy and determine KPIs.
Brand Safety & Compliance Icon
Brand Safety & Compliance
Perform[cb]’s internal compliance team works 24/7 to monitor all affiliate partners and enforce brand standards.
Performance Media & Distribution Strategy Icon
Performance Media & Distribution Strategy
The Agency offers additional paid media and non-traditional distribution services, such as cart abandonment and retargeting, for all affiliate programs.
Custom Affiliate Recruitment & Onboarding Icon
Custom Affiliate Recruitment & Onboarding
Each marketer’s affiliate program management includes custom affiliate partner outreach, recruitment, and onboarding based on target audience and program needs.
Relationship Management Icon
Relationship Management
Once affiliate onboarding is complete, the Agency will manage and nurture existing partner relationships on the marketer’s behalf.
ROI/CPA Optimizations Icon
ROI/CPA Optimizations
All affiliate programs require a range of various optimizations based on the marketer’s acquisition goals, such as optimizing commissions on an individual publisher basis.