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We care about your business like it’s our own. Voted the #1 CPA Network worldwide by mThink for six years running, Perform[cb] has led the industry in affiliate partner recruitment, brand protection, and compliance processes to become a recognized digital advertising leader and one-of-a-kind performance marketing network focused on driving global customer and user acquisition for our advertisers on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Install (CPI), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), and Pay Per Call (PPC) pricing model.

We specialize in generating consistent, quality customer acquisitions at high volumes through exclusive affiliate channels on native, mobile, social, email, contextual, SMS, and search placements. Whether you work directly with our Network team or you enlist the services of our Perform[cb] Agency team – or both – your business will benefit from years of industry experience and known best practices. Just getting started with CPA Marketing, or need a refresher, visit our Ultimate Guide to CPA Marketing for B2C Marketers page!

Perform[cb] is founded on the principles of Collaboration, Technology, and Results, but we take it a step further with our commitment to marketing compliance and brand protection which acts as a common thread to create our cohesive, comprehensive performance marketing system.

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the biggest brands in the world:

Our industry veteran account managers are here to provide you industry insights and best practices that will take your digital advertising to the next level. Starting with campaign strategizing and set-up, Perform[cb] emphasizes the critical nature of a solid foundation and competitive analysis to understand your business’s short and long-term goals.
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Perform[cb]’s proprietary, patented technology was custom built by industry veterans and launched in 2015, providing unmatched features like customized dashboards, real-time reporting and tracking, proactive fraud monitoring, budget management and rotation, and smartlink technology.
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As a one-stop-shop solution for performance-based online customer acquisitions, with over 1M customer conversions monthly, we routinely drive actions that yield the highest customer lifetime values in any advertiser’s marketing mix. It’s no wonder why 97% of our customers keep working with us!
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While our team and technology are working to maximize marketing ROI, PerformSHIELD, our proprietary fraud-fighting software is running 24/7 behind the scenes to minimize revenue loss and protect marketers from fraud through a series of manual, rules-based and machine learning features, a proactive approach that shields marketers from suspicious activity before it even reaches their site.
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400 Years
of Industry Experience

Longevity in the world of performance marketing is rare as networks come and go, but with a collective four centuries of industry experience, Perform[cb] has been connecting marketers, affiliates and publishing partners around the world to generate consistent, quality customer acquisitions at high volumes through exclusive traffic channels on native, mobile, social, email, contextual and search placements since 2002. We’re proud to have been repeatedly recognized by affiliates and marketers alike as the number #1 CPA Network “Worldwide” by mThink’s Blue Book, a Top App Marketing Company and Top User Acquisition Company by Business of Apps, and a Top App Install Platform by AppsFlyer.

As an external partner that feels like an internal team, our industry veteran account managers are here to provide you industry insights and best practices that will take your digital advertising to the next level.

We believe in relationship building. Many of our account managers have years and even decades of experience working with their marketers, and have even become friends!

Perform[cb] emphasizes the critical nature of a solid foundation and competitive analysis to understand your business’s short and long-term goals.

We ensure that engagement and scale are aligned to acquire the most customers and maintain lifetime users.

Technology: Power your Affiliate Program Goals

Technology can make or break any performance marketer‘s plan, and there are features that are must-haves for success. Our proprietary platform is a robust end-to-end marketplace platform that offers all of these features and more. Developed and maintained by our dev team based in Bosnia, it supports sophisticated account management and client self-service. Protected by PerformSHIELD, our proprietary anti-fraud software, Marketers have the ability to build offers, manage budgets, creative, and more directly within the platform, providing more autonomy and transparency for everyone.

Perform[cb]’s Marketer UI provides custom dashboards and real-time reporting to ensure individual affiliates are hitting marketers’ KPIs. The Marketer UI is action-based, meaning marketers are able to make granular and global adjustments to traffic or payouts directly from the dashboard. Admin-level drill-down reporting and data analytics tools also secure quality through traffic optimizations and compliance processes. For marketers working with top attribution platforms, impression tracking can be implemented for full customer journey transparency.

Perform[cb] is integrated with the industry’s leading platforms including Forensiq, Optizmo, and Ringba, as well as all major MMPs – Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and Singular.

Using predictive algorithms and machine learning, Perform[cb] implements real-time optimizations to primary monetization and engagement events, in addition to human optimizations and management to accelerate programmatic capabilities and increase accountability. Additionally, Perform[cb] provides Optimal Value Alignment with Link Level Transparency and Controlled Scale.

Perform[cb] utilizes Enhanced Targeting and Offer Segmentation featuring Offer Groups and Offer Rotation, so that marketers can target traffic positioned to yield the highest Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Marketers are able to segment traffic by a number of values including traffic channel, device type, and day-of-week and have the ability to assign values to specific fields captured in their forms. With these innovative features, marketers have the ability to generate lead ratings and correlate value-based payouts on an individual basis.

Our in-house development team, based in Banja Luka, Bosnia is our second largest team by headcount, and is dedicated to ensuring that Perform[cb] is the fastest, most innovative platform available. We release updates weekly based on client feedback, and calibrated to our vision of providing true value alignment in performance marketing.

Marketing Compliance: 24/7 Brand Protection

Our commitment to quality and compliance is apparent through our extensive internal compliance team who, along with our proprietary machine learning technology, PerformSHIELD, is dedicated 24/7 to ensuring the maximum ROI for your marketing dollars.

Want to learn more about ad fraud?  Download our whitepaper Ad Fraud and Compliance: A Guide for Performance Marketers, where we provide a transparent view into the fraud marketers are up against and the real-life measures we employ to combat it.

Launched in 2019, PerformSHIELD™, Perform[cb]’s proprietary fraud-fighting software protects marketers and brands through a custom-designed suite of tools that analyzes traffic in real-time and post-processing. In this proactive approach that shields marketers from suspicious activity before it has the chance to reach their site, PerformSHIELD uses a number of constantly changing algorithms ranging from rule-based to complex machine learning patterns of recognition.

Perform[cb] dedicates Compliance Associates to each of our marketer accounts to maintain brand protection. The Compliance team takes an audit-level approach to compliance, proactively reviewing affiliate partners’ marketing materials pre-launch and then again on a periodic scheduled basis, in addition to when triggered. When affiliate partners apply to run our campaigns, the Compliance team reviews their offer-specific applications, and approves on an individual basis.

Perform[cb] routinely completes an average of 3,500 systemic audits per month to enforce our compliance policies. Our team’s deep data analyses spot suspicious or fraudulent traffic patterns with customized traffic triggers, alerts, and suspension when necessary.

We offer pre-payment validation with a comprehensive fraud-detection review of every affiliate partner within our network prior to their first payment. Our team of industry compliance experts integrates with Forensiq, AppsFlyer’s Protect 360, and Optizmo to monitor traffic to provide even more insight into traffic sources, in addition to PerformSHIELD and human compliance, to ensure the highest level of brand protection.

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Results: High-volume, Cost-effective Customer Acquisition

We would not have been recognized by mThink as the #1 CPA Network worldwide for five years running if we didn’t get results. As a one-stop-shop solution for performance-based online customer acquisitions, we routinely drive actions that yield the highest customer lifetime values in any advertiser’s marketing mix. Our proprietary, integrated platform supports companies of any size, offering numerous traffic channels to fulfill any performance marketing and advertising needs. Our broad affiliate partner network allows marketers to tap into a diverse set of differentiated traffic channels available only on the Perform[cb] platform – 90% of platform traffic comes from outside of Facebook or Google. Our scalable technology maximizes ROI by giving marketers the ability to price traffic to align with customer lifetime value, target their prime customer base, and drive high-volume, cost-effective customer acquisitions.

Don’t take our word for it, though, read some of our case studies.


Brands in personal finance, insurance and related sectors drive performance-based customer acquisition through Perform[cb]'s exclusive traffic distribution. Acquisition strategies are supported by strategic account management, onsite visits, customized reporting and brand protection through our enhanced compliance monitoring. Our hyper-targeted platform capabilities enable financial marketers to optimize value alignment and maximize ROI.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Whether you are looking for installs, desktop play, post-purchase or post-install engagement, our strategic account management team will help you leverage layered CPA and CPI campaigns for optimal results. Given every brand is unique, our technology enables us to integrate with the top attribution platforms, while our targeting capabilities allow marketers to identify and target their key audiences. Perform[cb] specializes in large media buys with top partners, utilizing exclusive sources with past same-vertical success, and both incent and non-incent traffic campaigns.


Marketers looking to drive conversions, while increasing ROAS and ROI, need look no further than Perform[cb]. Our account management and media teams’ vast experience in full-funnel distribution provides the perfect environment for targeting and converting marketers’ key demographics. Test into lucrative distribution channels, such as content, influencer, and retargeting, to increase customer lifetime value, in addition to scaling and strengthening brand awareness throughout the buyer's journey.

Health & Beauty

Acquire high-intent customers with greater propensity for brand loyalty and repurchase through our premium publisher placements. In this highly visual vertical, marketers are able to leverage multiple traffic channels for maximum reach and traffic consistency. Tenured distribution affiliate partners deliver industry-leading customer lifetime values.

Downloads & Software

For those looking for a partner with stringent brand safety and compliance practices, Perform[cb] offers a secure marketplace for brands to acquire new users on a performance basis. Our proprietary technology and in-house affiliate team makes partner vetting and campaign tracking transparent and easily accessible to our marketers. Marketers looking to scale their presence in the performance channel are able to work hand in hand with our tenured account managers to ensure their acquisition goals and KPIs are met.


Whether you’re a mobile marketer interested in app store optimization, or an established household brand looking to drive qualified lead generation, Perform[cb]’s team of experienced account managers are here to provide you with the ultimate customer acquisition strategy.

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