Top 7 FAQs from Adperio Clients

Adperio receives numerous questions surrounding our business model, how we work with clients, and what makes us different in the mobile marketing space. We’ve gathered the 7 most frequently asked questions we receive from Adperio clients on all ends of the business, so you can better understand how we can help your business flourish.

1. Who is Adperio’s ideal client?
We work with everyone. From the biggest consumer brands in the world and the largest media buying agencies in the world to indie devs and startups looking to run their first paid acquisition campaign.

2. What pricing model does Adperio work on with clients?
We support CPI and CPA pricing options.  

3. What type of reporting capabilities does Adperio provide clients?
We provide clients with a login to their Adperio dashboard where they can monitor their campaign’s performance data points in real-time.  Adperio’s Account Management also facilitates daily or weekly reporting for advertisers or agencies with customized reporting needs.   

4. What does Adperio do to protect client ad spend against fraud?
Adperio is committed to mobile marketing ad fraud prevention and protecting our client’s ad spend through a full suite of fraud prevention services.

Our dedicated compliance team actively monitors publishers within the Adperio Network to maintain publisher integrity and control.  Our compliance monitoring capabilities also extend across the entire ecosystem protecting client ad spend from CPI deflation or traffic blending originating from their other media partnerships.

Adperio’ proprietary fraud prevention technology protects client ad spend by detecting and blocking installs with data abnormalities indicating suspicious or fraudulent patterns. We have saved our clients from wasting millions of dollars in ad spend by protecting their campaigns from click flooding, install hijacking, and bot traffic.

5. What attribution providers is Adperio integrated with?
We are fully integrated with all mobile app tracking platforms ensuring seamless tracking integrations.  We are proud to be acknowledged by leading attribution providers as a result of our scalability, retention, engagement, commitment to best practices and fraud-free installs.

– Top 7 media source in AppsFlyer’s 2018 Partner Power Index
– TUNE Certified Partner
Kochava Gold Level Partner

6. What traffic channels can I access through Adperio for my acquisition campaigns?
Through Adperio our clients have full-service access to cross-channel advertising solutions including display, search, social, native, and video to reach relevant and valuable users.

7. What makes Adperio different?
At Adperio we look beyond the install. Adperio ensures advertisers get the best return on their ad spend by reaching engaged users and optimizing to post-install conversion goals. Our robust client experience provides historical knowledge of publishers and sources that are proven performers on similar programs, or programs that hold synergies with target demographics. This allows relevant publishers to be hand selected for initial testing to avoid wasted ad spend.

Our clients share with us that one of the most enjoyable aspects of their partnership with Adperio is the strategic growth guidance we provide, and how we treat each advertiser as if their program was our own, regardless of client size or monthly budget. Mobile marketing is an extremely complex and fragmented ecosystem. We consult each client on what acquisition strategies and channels best align with their specific growth goals.

Clients trust Adperio because of our institutional knowledge, our transparency, our commitment to fraud prevention, and our experienced account management team ensuring every campaign is managed to meet or exceed client’s post-install KPIs.

Reach out today to learn more about how Adperio can help your mobile business bloom!

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