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SMS Affiliate Marketing Can Be the Key to Converting in a Saturated Market

Posted By Perform[cb] on Oct 7 2020
The average American checks their phone 96 times a day1, a fact that even just 10 years ago would have sounded absurd, but today it’s hardly surprising. We’re reliant on our phones now more than ever, and that means big things for one marketing channel in particular – SMS.

4 Steps to Master Lead Generation Marketing with Performance Marketing

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 14 2020
Find out the necessary steps to launch and maintain a successful lead generation campaign through performance marketing.

A Fun-Filled Summer: Hear why Perform[cb] Interns love working with us!

Posted By Perform[cb] on Jul 24 2019
Courtney (L) and Bethany (R) enjoying ice cream from the Sarasota-local American Honey Creamery Interns represent the next generation of the workforce and are a valuable asset to companies around the world. They provide fresh insight, offer mentoring opportunities for current employees, and help with those “backburner” projects, ultimately becoming part of the family.

Holiday Season Marketing: $600 Billion Holiday Season to Begin. Marketers, Are You Ready?

Posted By Perform[cb] on Sep 26 2017
It’s official! The holiday season is fast approaching! This season is a multi-billion dollar affair, and if you want to get in on it, you need to start setting up your holiday campaigns NOW.  Clickbooth is here with information and advice to help make sure you are ready to deploy your holiday marketing campaigns in time.
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