A Fun-Filled Summer: Hear why Perform[cb] Interns love working with us!

Courtney (L) and Bethany (R) enjoying ice cream from the Sarasota-local American Honey Creamery

Interns represent the next generation of the workforce and are a valuable asset to companies around the world. They provide fresh insight, offer mentoring opportunities for current employees, and help with those “backburner” projects, ultimately becoming part of the family.  This is why Clickbooth interns are so valued!

Here at Clickbooth, we love our interns.

We offer internships in nearly every area of our business, and are committed to providing experiences that aren’t about making coffee and answering phones. We treat our interns as equal employees, training them on the intricate aspects of our company and helping to hone their skills and interests along the way.

From marketing and analytics, to research, accounting, and more, our interns get tangible experience in the performance marketing industry. But the culture of Clickbooth is work-hard, play-hard, and we make sure our interns get to experience both sides.

True to our promise of a fun and exciting internship, we host a number of events and activities throughout the year. This past summer, our interns got to participate in events like lunch-break yoga, ice cream truck day, and summer snow cones… And the post-internship feedback is proof of how much our interns love working here.

Exceptional Interns for the Premier CPA Network

These past few months, we’ve had two interns across multiple departments of Clickbooth. Bethany, the Marketing Department’s Graphic Design intern, was an amazing addition to the team, helping to create info-graphics, advertisements, promotional materials and more. A student at the Ringling College of Art and Design, Bethany came into Clickbooth with a wealth of design knowledge.

Our interns joined us for lunch-break yoga in the conference room!

“One of the best things about my internship at Clickbooth is having the opportunity to take what I’ve learned in design school and work on real-life projects,” says Bethany. “Not only have I learned to build relationships and work as a team, but this internship has also allowed me to do what I love in a positive, encouraging work environment.”

Additionally, we had an incredible intern in Market Research, Courtney. A Marketing student at the University of Florida, Courtney helped our operations team with a number of projects in market research. She also worked closely with our accounting department, learning many aspects of the business.

“When interviewing, I remember being told that some employees never know who the interns are because they do the same work as everyone else,” says Courtney. “My summer at Clickbooth definitely reflects this statement; from my first week, I was taking on important projects within my department. As an intern, I’ve been welcomed into the family and have met so many amazing people.”

Interested in becoming a Clickbooth Intern? We post our summer internships in late fall; please check our careers page for more information on our company and its internship opportunities. For further information, please contact our Corporate Recruiting Manager at stefanie@clickbooth.com

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