Staff You Should Know: Kate Hagan

Staff You Should Know: Kate Hagan

Kate Hagan began with Clickbooth as a Jr. Advertising Executive and now works with some of our key clients as a Sr. Advertising Executive.

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1.  I have an art degree.  My favorite courses were printmaking and illustration.  Today I still draw and paint.  I love going to museums and seeing everything up close and personal.  

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2.  I tutor once a week.  I’m proud to say I’ve been helping the same kid for three school years and he is now in a gifted program and excelling in areas he used to struggle.


3. I just started cooking.  Like literally within the last two weeks.  It all started with what some call, “toast”, and now I just baked my first lasagna last night!  I have a “go to dish” shown below.  Toast, tomato, goat cheese, fried egg and avocado.

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4.  I love Swedish Fish.  I especially like them frozen.

5. I love coffee.  My boyfriend and I brew lots of different kinds of beans.  We recently started making our own cold brew as well.  My favorite coffee is Heart from Portland, OR brewed in a Chemex served hot.
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6. I am an aunt/Godmother!  My sister and her husband had a baby this past May.  Her name is Penelope.
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7. I have a best friend named Cait.  She was my random roommate off Craigslist in college.
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8.  My little brother is graduating from the United States Air Force Academy  in Colorado Springs in May 2016.  I am very proud of him! I also love visiting Colorado.
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9.  I love trade shows.  Since working at Clickbooth,  I’ve been able to meet such incredible people and see some amazing cities.  Excited for what’s to come!

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