Staff You Should Know: Brian Taylor


Staff You Should Know: Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor joined the Clickbooth Affiliate Team in July of 2014.

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1. I was born in Iowa where I grew up on sweet corn & Iowa Hawkeye sports. Iowa’s wrestling coach, Dan Gable, actually taught me to do a push-up. I can show you my technique if you want!  I’m sure you already know this, but the Hawkeyes are currently having their best year in the history of their football program. They’re #4 in the country! My family bleeds black and gold so this is an exciting time for us.

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2. When I was 12 my dad’s job moved our family of four to Fort Myers, Florida where I quickly fell in love with the ocean and everything in it. I was finally able to cross scuba diving off my bucket list in 2012 and now I dive every chance I get. I recently dove the Vandenberg in my favorite place on earth, Key West. I also dove in Jamaica this year, which was pretty awesome.

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3. I have a deep appreciation for Irish pubs & Irish music. I’m hoping to visit Ireland in the near future.

4. After high school I went to the University of Central Florida for a while before completing my degree at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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5. It’s a good thing I switched schools because I ended up meeting my now wife, Chelsea, at FGCU! It all started with a Facebook request back in 2010! (For the record she friend requested me) 🙂 Chelsea and I were married this past April here in Sarasota, Florida. We’re in the process of purchasing our first home. 2015 has been an amazing year for sure. Life is good!

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6. Chelsea and I don’t have children yet, but we are a blended family. I already had a boxer, “Skeezdog”, when we met and she had a pug named Amelia. Now we’re one big happy family. The dogs are complete opposites and look like Lion King’s Timone & Pumba. They love each other.

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7. My favorite saying is “DO IT UP!” My cousins in Iowa and I started it years ago. It basically means to give life your all and have fun.

8. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite place in the world is Key West. It just feels like home. Aside from diving I love lobstering, spear fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and anything involving the water. Duval Street isn’t too shabby either. I have a lot of memories there. I’m a parrot-head at heart.

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9. It’s nearly impossible to embarrass me and I don’t believe in awkwardness.

10. One of my buddies and I dressed up as Harry and Loyd from Dumb and Dumber one Halloween. We rented the blue and orange suits and sword fought with our canes through downtown Orlando.

11. Lastly, I am the fastest runner at Clickbooth despite my frequent consumption of whole milk and “Old men beer” a.k.a BudHeavy a.k.a the king of beer. For more information on this please contact Lee Aho.

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