Sharpen Your Affiliate Marketing with ThriveTracker

The evidence is undeniable, affiliate marketing is a powerful income generator for those who put the effort in. Through active engagement with your customers, innovative strategies, and careful analysis of your data, your potential is unlimited.

But along with the regular activities of life, keeping accurate tabs of everything in your affiliate business can be a bit vexing. The last thing you want is to miscalculate the growth of your business, then suffer the consequences of not generating enough revenue.

Luckily, there’s a solution: Clickbooth’s preferred Mobile and Web Tracking Platform, ThriveTracker.  

The Ultimate Web and Mobile Tracker

ThriveTracker is a premier tracking platform for media buyers and affiliate marketers that takes care of your campaign management. That means you have more time to focus on the most important factors affecting your business: competition, strategy and scale.

ThriveTracker breaks down clicks into the most granular data, including conversions, click through rates, traffic sources, CPC, EPC, and dozens of other crucial data points. It allows you to accurately see which ads are being clicked on, where your traffic is coming from, what time of day your campaigns see the most action, and much more. With ThriveTracker, you can count on accurate data and reliable reporting – giving you the tools you need to target your most profitable consumers.

ThriveTracker’s Feature Highlights

ThriveTracker’s dedicated team of developers are constantly rolling out platform optimizations and new features to stay ahead of the industry.  Thanks to their globally distributed AWS infrastructure and cutting edge technology, Thrive is able to ensure that your desktop and mobile traffic gets to where it’s supposed to go, with some of the fastest redirects available.

ThriveTracker is also the first platform in the industry to offer both self-hosted and cloud-hosted solutions. Whether you need the full control of a self-hosted platform, or the lightning speed of a cloud-hosted tracker, Thrive has your solution.

For businesses that are growing at a rapid pace, ThriveTracker’s unlimited click scale and API Calls are crucial. No matter what your needs, ThriveTracker can accommodate them with one of their existing or custom packages. Every customer has the power to track billions of clicks, and make thousands of API calls every day.

ThriveTracker’s suite of features boasts an impressive combination of technology and service, with options like Link-free tracking, multi-user access for teams, bot filters, world-class customer support, and so much more.

Importance of a Quality Tracker

The right tracking software is a powerful addition to your affiliate marketing toolkit. Incorporating a tracker is the best way for an affiliate marketer to interpret and analyze data to better understand the performance of their campaigns.

While an affiliate may be capable of producing a successful campaign without the aid of a tracking software’s analysis, the analytics from a great program like Thrivetracker can keep earnings from that successful campaign from dipping before they need to. We believe ThriveTracker is an essential part of simplifying your testing, organizing your strategies, and analyzing your next steps to promote campaign longevity.

Interested in learning more about Thrive? Ask your Clickbooth affiliate manager about signing up, or click the button below to start your free 14 day trial. 


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