Perform[cb] and iOS 14 – What Does it Mean for App-Install Marketers, and How Can You Prepare?

With iOS 14, Apple has introduced new privacy features for consumers that will impact attribution in mobile advertising. Part of the release is a new version of Apple’s tracking methodology, SKAdNetwork, which handles attribution anonymously. iOS 14 – what does it mean for app install marketers? Responses from marketers and the advertising industry have expressed concern, panic, and even it’s-the-end-of-mobile-as-we-know-it apocalyptic thinking.

If you take away one sentiment from this post, it should be this: don’t worry. 

Perform[cb] has been working with Apple and the major MMPs to ensure that the transition with the iOS 14 release will be seamless for our clients. We’ve got this. Read on to get answers to frequently asked questions and understand steps you can take immediately to prepare for iOS 14’s release this coming Fall. 

What is SKAdNetwork?

SKAdNetwork is a framework for mobile attribution that works anonymously, i.e. does not share consumer data without their permission. Some users will give their permission to track, but they will have to do so in each app that they use, so we believe this will be an extremely low percentage of total traffic.

How will Perform[cb] Work with SKAdNetwork?

Perform[cb] has been approved as an official SKAdNetwork partner by Apple. This means we will fully support the new methodology in conjunction with the MMPs. If you already have an MMP and work with Perform[cb], nothing will change on your end. We will support the SKAdNetwork from day one.

What limitations will come with the SKAdNetwork?

The SKAdNetwork currently has many limitations including being limited to in app traffic only, and install conversions will be delayed between 0-24 hours to further protect consumer privacy. Campaign metrics will also be aggregated, so optimizations and budgets must be made at this level. Perform[cb] will continue to offer granular optimizations at the source and sub source levels.

What about Mobile Web?

The SKAdNetwork does not address mobile web traffic. Apple’s stance though, is that any campaign running on the mobile web should be considered as one where the consumer has not given their permission to be tracked.

The MMPs are taking different approaches to attribution on the mobile web, but Perform[cb] has the technology in place to support each solution. Perform[cb] will support campaigns across the mobile web traffic as well as in-app through the SKAdNetwork.

What do you need to do to prepare?


  • Contact your MMP to find out if they are going to require any changes for your app.
  • For your traffic with Perform[cb], no changes are necessary and we can adjust all your links for optimum attribution. While the integrations for mobile web and in-app campaigns are slightly different, Perform[cb] will have everything taken care of on our backend. 

Affiliate Partners:

  • Apps and SDK ad networks will need to follow Apple’s framework, as can be found here. Our MMP partners are already well into the preparation process for the change.
  • Affiliate partners leveraging the mobile web will continue to track through Perform[cb] as normal.
  • In cases where data is aggregated, it will prevent us from associating a conversion to a specific click, we will not be able to pass back your click ID in the postback. We will have an alternate postback format available to pass affiliate partners aggregated conversions.  We are working on detailed instructions for implementation and will have it for you shortly.  Stay tuned! 

Key Takeaways

The iOS 14 will change mobile acquisition campaigns, but Perform[cb] is ready to help you navigate the changes and run as normal immediately following iOS14’s release.

While the changes coming to iOS are a radical departure from the past, and require multiple integrations with the MMPs, Perform[cb] has been working diligently since the iOS 14 announcement to make the transition seamless and painless for our clients. As the #1 CPA Network and innovation technology leader in performance marketing, our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to focus on their goals. We’re here to support you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts today.

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