Maximize Campaign Performance with our proprietary platform’s Newest Features

When we say we’re performance-driven, we mean it. What better way to walk our talk than by rolling out two new features within our proprietary tracking platform?

We’re excited to introduce our latest platform updates, our proprietary platform’s News Feed and MMR Offer Automation. With these new updates, our affiliate partners will be able to spend more time focused on what matters most – achieving ROI, prioritizing offers, and driving results.

Proprietary platform’s News Feed

Introducing News Feed, designed to aggregate all offer alerts in one place (no more sifting through their inbox!). These alerts include information that is specific to each individual partner, including new offer launches, ATR approvals, blocks/unblocks, offer pauses/unpauses, test budget cap notifications, and more. Once affiliate partners have signed into their platform’s account, they’ll see the News Feed on the dashboard next to the Daily Report.

Affiliate partners will see the seven most recent alerts listed in chronological order on their News Feed. This will allow them to stay up-to-date on any new information that’s pertinent to their offers and the traffic they’re sending. The platform’s News Feed alerts will continue to shift as updates continue to roll out, which are largely dependent on optimizations being made to the affiliate partner’s traffic. While only the most recent alerts will be displayed on the dashboard, affiliate partners will have the option to see all alerts by using the “See All” drop-down window.

For newly launched offers, affiliate partners will be able to access the offer’s landing page directly from the entry in their News Feed. For offers that are blocked, i.e. when an offer reaches its click cap, affiliate partners will be able to click the specific link ID directly from their News Feed. This will allow them to easily add secondary priorities to the offer group in order to keep traffic running seamlessly to another offer of their choice. Learn more about PerformPRIORITY by watching our video!

As their very own personal assistant, platform’s News Feed is designed to keep affiliate partners organized and on-track to boost ROI.

MMR Offer Automation

There’s nothing we love more than creating automation to simplify what once was a multi-step manual process. With platform’s newest Custom Creatives Submission feature, affiliate partners who are applying to run “MMR offers” (Marketing Materials Required) will see an option to request approval and then upload all necessary materials for Marketer Approval such as headlines, URLs, creative files, specific traffic type, and any additional notes for how the creatives will be published right into our new template! Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial.

Upon submission, affiliates will receive confirmation from the Perform[cb] team via email within 24 hours. This creative application is then checked internally by our Compliance Team and then sent over to the Marketer for final approval. Throughout each step of the approval process, affiliate partners will be updated on the status of their submission within the new Custom Creatives tab housed in their dashboard. Our Compliance team will communicate through these stages as creatives are approved, or if creatives need to be revised for resubmission. By utilizing the new Custom Creatives tab, affiliate partners can maintain visibility into each stage of the approval for all MMR offers they apply to run.

MMR Offer Automation is just another example of how Perform[cb] strives to continuously improve our technology and provide transparency for our affiliate partners. Have a suggestion to make our proprietary platform even better? Submit your ideas by clicking on the “Give Feedback” button living on every page within platform.

If you’re ready to optimize and take advantage of these platform updates, log in to your account, or apply to be a Perform[cb] affiliate partner or marketer now!

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