Perform[cb] Proprietary Platform Features: Perform Priority For Automation

With our platform, affiliate partners can leverage our Perform Priority feature to automate and prioritize their offers while decreasing lag time, and maximizing their testing capabilities.  Watch this video to learn more!

Hey there! I’m Lauren from the affiliate management team at Perform[cb].

Today, we’re talking about our platform feature: Perform Priority. Perform Priority lets affiliate partners automate how their offers are prioritized with the click of a button. Using this feature, affiliates prioritize their selected offers as primary or secondary within the offer group, so that all traffic is routed accordingly if a day parting schedule is in place, or when a budget cap is hit.

Our affiliate partners are seeing great success using this feature. Perform Priority not only allows affiliates to decrease their lag time for transition with no loss of ROI for a last minute swap, but also allows them to maximize their testing capabilities by automating their offer of prioritization.

Ultimately, Perform Priority enables affiliate partners to add another layer of control to their campaign management. Meaning greater scale and profit while giving them more time back in their day.

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