Improve Campaign Efficiency with Event-Specific Tracking

We’re excited to introduce our newest platform update to our proprietary tracking platform. With this update, our affiliate partners will have the ability to take their pixel tracking one step further. Event-Specific Offer Pixel Tracking will now give our affiliate partners the ability to implement more granular tracking and continuously optimize their campaign strategy. We’re eager to see the positive impact this will have on our affiliate partners’ campaign performance, as this feature was inspired by affiliate feedback.

Event-Specific Offer Pixel Tracking

Introducing Event-Specific Offer Pixel Tracking, a new feature on the offer level that will allow our affiliate partners to take their pixel tracking one step further. While the Offer Level Pixel Tracking has been available for a while now, this most recent update will allow affiliates to make their offer tracking even more granular.

For those affiliate partners who are currently utilizing Offer Pixel Level Tracking, they can now select which event they want the pixel to fire on. This is especially helpful for affiliates who are running offers with marketers that have many different conversion points they want to be tracked. While some marketers may only have one to two events per offer, others can range up to 10 events per offer depending on the marketer’s goals and how the offer is set up with their Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP). This is more common for affiliate partners who are running app traffic, as many mobile marketers want to be able to track the entire user journey to conversion.

Prior to this update, an affiliate’s pixel would fire every time an event within an offer took place. This resulted in no real visibility into which specific events users were converting on unless affiliates were utilizing Perform[cb]’s event_id or event_name tokens to pass back information.

Now, our affiliate partners can select one specific event within an offer and create a postback, image or iframe specific to that event, so that the pixel will exclusively fire when a user converts on that event. Depending on the marketer’s goals and KPIs, affiliate partners can choose any number of events they want pixels to fire on rather than all or nothing. This new feature will now ensure that partners can achieve the marketer’s KPIs by tracking specific events rather than all events under just one pixel. Even if a marketer doesn’t payout for a specific event, affiliates can still track the traffic driven to that event to make sure they’re on pace with the marketer’s acquisition goals, or their own business goals. 

Additional Tracking Options

We offer our affiliate partners various pixel tracking options to give them the most flexibility depending on campaign goals and traffic being run. In addition to the Offer Level Pixel tracking options, our partners have access to Vertical Level Pixel tracking, Offer Group Level Pixel tracking, and Global Level Pixel tracking. Having various tracking options for our affiliate partners is one of our top priorities, as it allows them to reduce over-tracking on conversions while increasing their efficiency. Learn more about these flexible tracking options and how they could streamline your campaign tracking now.

What’s Next for Perform[cb]?

Perform[cb] is dedicated to creating valuable features for our affiliates to increase campaign performance and reach their KPIs. At Perform[cb], our affiliate partners’ feedback is what allows our team to continually optimize our technology with new features like this one. Have an idea or suggestion to make Perform[cb] better fit your business needs? Submit your ideas by clicking on the “Give Feedback” button living on every page within Perform[cb]. 

If you’re ready to optimize and take advantage of these platform updates, log into your account, or apply to be a Perform[cb] affiliate partner now!

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