Ignite Introduces 2 More Affiliate Programs, Prynt & Drizly!

Ignite OPM continues to grow with the addition of two more affiliate programs. The first addition being industry-leading alcohol delivery service, Drizly!

About Drizly

We know that our team’s level of strategy and execution will take their program to the next level. Ignite is excited to grow non-traditional affiliate channels like content sites and cart abandonment to the Drizly program. The team will also continue to optimize the traditional affiliate traffic for maximum ROI and reach. The Drizly team’s understanding of the importance to test and invest in non-traditional opportunities is exciting and encouraging. Lauren, MD, said “Drizly’s team is fantastic! They know how affiliate can seamlessly support their other marketing initiatives. This will allow us to create an innovative strategy that will support their internal strategy.”

So onto the more important aspects of this post, a liquor store right to your smartphone! Drizly is a delivery service that supplies everything from wine and kegs to party supplies and garnishes. Drizly conveniently allows users to order alcohol from a smartphone, transforming the way alcohol is shopped, sold, and shared. Does it get any better?

Initially, Drizly began in 2012 when co-founders Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson were curious why they couldn’t get beer delivered. The two built a platform combining competitive prices and the widest selection of alcohol online. By partnering with local retailers, the beverages come to you when and where you want them. Drizly’s tools and technology are transforming the way retailers run their businesses. Drizly delivers a superior shopping experience for the customer. The brand serves customers of legal drinking age in 40 markets across the U.S. and Canada.

Learn more about the Drizly affiliate program.

About Prynt

The second affiliate program we’re excited to launch is Prynt. Co-Founders Clément Perrot and David Zhang founded Prynt in June 2014 in Paris, France. Former engineers with a passion for creativity and photos, the team has grown to 20 working in San Francisco.

When the Ignite team first got their hands on a Prynt Pocket photo printer, we were hooked! It’s such a fun concept and truly is revolutionizing the old-school Polaroid camera we all know and love. Given Ignite’s success with other photography and lifestyle clients, we know that our publisher recruitment strategy and experience within this space can quickly move the needle. Lauren, MD, said “I couldn’t wait to bring the first Prynt Pocket into the office. It was a hit, to say the least! Prynt is another client with quality products that we truly stand behind. When we get excited about our client’s products, it truly shows in our efforts to grow the program every day.”

Prynt reimagines how we share digital content in the physical world with the first-ever smartphone printer/phone case. Pictures from Prynt have short video clips embedded inside so you can share your memories in a way that’s tangible and magical.

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