How to Fortify Your Marketing Strategy in a Crisis

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it.

Through sweeping health concerns and a severe economic downturn, virtually no one has been left untouched by its effects. And though some countries are showing signs of recovery, we strongly advise businesses to take note – this could very well happen again in the coming months. This is certainly not going to be the only pandemic or significant business interruption that we will experience in our lifetimes.

At Perform[cb], we’re in a unique position that allows us to analyze how a crisis affects both marketers and affiliate partners around the globe – and therefore assimilate valuable data on which methods are working, and which are not. In this piece, we’ve compiled the considerations that must be evaluated in any successful crisis management marketing strategy.

Find answers to strategic marketing questions like these:

  • How should I reallocate my marketing budget?
  • How do I handle the crisis in my messaging?
  • Is now a viable time to form marketing partnerships?
  • What level of transparency should I provide to my consumers?
  • What can I do if my vertical is in a downswing?

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