Preparing Your Affiliate Marketing Plan for a New Normal

The current economic turmoil is not as “unprecedented” as you might think.

The economic upheaval that the world is experiencing right now has been referred to as “unprecedented” and “once in a lifetime”, but in actuality, we’ve weathered economic upheaval before, and will continue to do so well after the threat of COVID-19 has passed. These experiences can range in scale from narrow, like a region hit by a category 5 hurricane, to broad, like a global pandemic, and everything in between. 

Regardless of scale, the actions you take as a marketer or advertiser are going to be the same. 

In this guide we’ve compiled 5 critical best practices for improving your marketing plan, and utilizing performance marketing, to come out of COVID-19 with answers to questions like:

  • Where will I find customers after COVID-19?
  • What new messaging will best resonate with my audience?
  • How do I shift to stay ahead of future economic downturns?

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