Girls Inc. Visits Clickbooth!

With almost 80% of our company being comprised of women, Clickbooth thought it would be a great idea to start working with Girls Inc. in order to show girls the tools they need to be successful in the workplace.

Girls Inc. nationwide serves 140,000 girls ages 6-18 annually and is continually growing to help as many as possible. They are a national non-profit youth organization that emphasizes empowering girls of all ages to be strong, smart, and bold throughout their life. The corporation works to create a girls-only environment where they have programs specializing in areas of career planning, self-reliance, health, leadership, and much more.

Clickbooth wanted to make sure that the girls in our community that are at an impressionable age understood the importance of women in the workplace, so we invited 7 girls from middle school to high school age to see our powerful  Clickbooth #girlpower in action.

The young girls were able to tour our office and see for themselves just how influential women are in the workplace. After, they were given the chance to talk to some of our leading women one-on-one in our cafe. The Clickbooth women talked about their educational background and what they did before they started working at Clickbooth. They also talked about the role they have at Clickbooth and the difference they have made thus far.

The girls really seemed to enjoy their visit to the office today and it was great to assist in empowering young minds. We can’t wait for another chance to help out in the community!

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