Girls Inc. Visits Clickbooth!

Girls Inc. of Sarasota County provides 300+ girls a place to learn, eat, and play every summer. They go on field trips, work on academic skills for the upcoming school year, and the older girls visit businesses around Sarasota to see different workplace environments and explore varying career opportunities. Clickbooth was the perfect place for the girls to visit with about 70% of our team being women.

On Wednesday June 6th, Girls Inc. came to the office to explore and learn about what it means to be part of the CB family. The highschool girls got to sit down with our CEO Erin Cigich, VP of Product Development Julie Martin, Senior Advertising Executive Kate Hagan, and other powerful women working here at Clickbooth.


Stefanie Brady (Employee Experience Manager)  stole the show with the girls, giving them a tour of the office, sharing her story, and providing an awesome lunch of pizza and wings! 

The girls were able to sit with different CB employees throughout lunch and ask questions, learn about the different jobs at Clickbooth, and get some valuable advice from many successful adults.


After lunch the girls went over to the arcade to play some games and finish off their day at Clickbooth.



Along with improving academically and socially, the girls also learn about healthy eating and the importance of exercising. They walk different trails throughout the county, visit the Celery Fields, and play basketball and soccer at the Girls Inc. home base. This program embodies its motto of “Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold” and gives these girls an opportunity to change the course of their lives.


We had such a great day with our new friends from Girls Inc. and can’t wait to see the great things they accomplish!

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