Did you know Clickbooth has CPC for Email Campaigns?

As the premier performance marketing network, Clickbooth takes pride in providing its advertisers with a variety of cost structures to choose from. Starting this past year, Clickbooth now offers CPC for both display and email campaigns, allowing advertisers to choose their preferred channel of traffic and style of payment. 

Purchasing vs. Bidding

CPC for display is based on bidding and is the standard structure for many advertisers. However, our newer option of CPC Email provides a second option in which advertisers supply a set amount they are willing to pay for a single click. Utilizing this set pricing option is a beneficial option for many of Clickbooth’s advertisers.

“The addition of CPC email to Clickbooth’s proprietary platform enhances buying capabilities for marketers, increasing prospective affiliate reach and presenting alternative pricing strategies to maximize return on advertising spend (ROAS),” says Lee Aho, Clickbooth’s VP of Advertising.

So how do advertisers get this set up? It’s pretty simple. The advertiser simply needs to select the new CPC Email option under offers (screenshot below). Then they can set up the email campaign, input the specific payout for each click, and start seeing results. 



Why Email?

Utilizing an affiliate email marketing program can decrease spending for an advertiser, enable better insight into ROI and budgeting, and ultimately bring in a more targeted and “warm” subset of leads interested in the product or service they sell. At Clickbooth, we have affiliates who are highly skilled in disseminating successful email campaigns, thus increasing an advertiser’s reach and probability for success. 

Email marketing remains one of the most popular and efficient forms of marketing today by delivering curated, custom content directly to an audience who have shown previous interest in converting. Want to learn more about utilizing an affiliate email marketing program? Read our whitepaper that explains the important aspects of email marketing that every advertiser should be aware of. Co-authored by email compliance company, OPTIZMO, the paper delves into the do’s and don’ts of utilizing and email affiliate program, and how to optimize your campaigns for success. 

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