Perform[cb] Delivers on Proprietary Platform Email Integration!

Clickbooth is excited to announce the completion of our email traffic migration onto The Clickbooth Performance Exchange Platform!  With the addition of email, our proprietary CB Performance Exchange Platform now provides industry-leading technology to advertisers and affiliates in all Clickbooth-supported traffic types.

Having shifted email traffic away from CAKE and onto The CB Exchange, Clickbooth tracking and reporting is now 100% self-sustaining!

Directly from the platform dashboard, email-focused advertisers now have the ability to create offers, upload creatives, view reporting, optimize traffic sources and more!  Within minutes, advertisers are able to seamlessly move from offer creation to offer launch, gaining access to the industry’s leading top-tier affiliate base.

Email affiliates will continue accessing top-performing offers through the Clickbooth Performance Exchange Platform and benefit from the platform’s innovative interface.

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