CEO Erin Cigich Speaks at University of Florida Event

Each year, the  University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications hosts an event to promote discussion of women in leadership. The conference, Becoming a Woman of Influence, features a panel of powerful female alumni of the college. Throughout the conference, the women answer questions from students, facilitate break-out sessions on their area of expertise, work one on one with the students to develop their leadership skills, and mentor them in building successful careers.

This year, Clickbooth’s CEO, Erin Cigich, was invited to participate in this panel of eminent women. Joining her were Karen Irwin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios Hollywood and Annelie Schmittel, Vice President of Player Development for the Philadelphia 76ers. With over 120 female students of the University of Florida in attendance, all three women on the panel fielded questions regarding being a female leader in advertising, journalism, and communications.

The three industries the panel represented – tech, entertainment, and sports – are all historically male-dominated in managerial roles. As leaders and industries become more diverse, women are gaining equality in C-Suite levels of organizations. The experiences these women have in gaining power, overcoming the glass ceiling, and being minorities in their fields offers a unique perspective and opportunity for mentorship of the women who will soon be graduating.

Cigich hosted break-out sessions revolving around digital advertising, allowing her to work directly with the students and speak on her experience as a woman in this field. Some of the main topics of conversation included speaking up for yourself, never being afraid to say what you think, learning how to negotiate, and, most importantly, leveraging your own value.

“No matter what role you’re in or what company you’re running, everyone has similar challenges,” says Cigich. “The key is learning how to sell yourself, learning what your value is, and never being afraid to voice your opinion.”

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