Adperio Celebrates Its 24th Anniversary

2018 rings in Adperio’s 24th year of business! Our team has shifted over the years in terms of goals, team members, and market trends, but our most exciting work continues to lie ahead. In honor of our 24th anniversary, we’ve gathered some thoughts from our leadership team about what they’re looking forward to this year.

Jill Fletcher, Adperio President
“Growth is the resounding word for the company’s 24th year. Our team is comprised of incredible energy and talent, the opportunities are boundless. Adperio’s continuously driven innovation in the mobile space and has accomplished so much in 24 years, there’s no slowing down now.”

Matthew Lord, Adperio Chief Strategy Officer
“Reflecting on 24 years, it’s easy to focus on how much has changed. What has remained consistent is Adperio’s core principle, that our clients drive everything we do.”

David Porteous, Adperio Vice President of Sales and Strategic Development
“I look forward to another year of company growth and innovation. Mobile advertising is an industry constantly evolving and still very much in its infancy. With mobile ad spend projected to grow 200% by 2021, it represents a tremendous opportunity for us: to remain an industry leader through continued investments in technology and services to meet the needs of our clients.”

Lauren Pfanmiller, Ignite OPM Managing Director
“I’m looking forward to seeing the continued growth and expansion that Adperio and Ignite OPM are able to drive through innovative products and ideas in the mobile and web acquisition space. We’ve always been a company with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we’re on the verge of many new, exciting opportunities in year 24.”

Annmarie Thorne, Ignite OPM Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
“With the anticipated growth due to team collaboration and tech, I’m looking forward to 2018 being our biggest year yet – for Adperio, Ignite OPM, and our clients.”

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