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Qapital is a money happiness program powered by a smarter mobile bank, offering proven saving, budgeting and investing tools. Are you a partner looking to run the Qapital Affiliate Program? Join now! 

“Qapital has revolutionized the way I think about money.” – iOS user, 2020

As a Qapital partner, you’ll receive the following program perks:

  • Cookie Length: 7 days
  • Creative: Variety of updated creative
  • Support: Dedicated Account Management team

Have questions? Visit Qapital’s FAQ.

Here’s what Qapital users enjoy:

Spend happily

Spending Sweet Spot helps your money go further
Our clever spending tracker helps you focus on what makes you happy in the long run, while covering the short term.

Save smartly

Goals & Rules help you save without thinking
Science shows us we save more when we save for something specific. With Qapital, you set targets and we take care of the rest with automated tools.

Invest confidently

Qapital Invest helps you reach big Goals with no management fees 
Give us a timeline and an amount you want to reach and we’ll supply you with a portfolio that matches the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

Manage money jointly

Qapital Dream Team is the simplest way for couples to manage money together
Partner up, pool your paychecks and keep each other motivated as you conquer your financial goals together.

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