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Paribus finds refunds customers are owed from online stores, effortlessly! Many stores have price adjustment policies, so that if a customer buys something and it goes on sale after, they are guaranteed the price difference back. In most cases, people are responsible for identifying price drops and have to request refunds themselves. This can take a lot of time and effort. Paribus makes it easy – saving money by doing the legwork for its customers.

How does Paribus Work?

Users sign up for Paribus using the email address where they receive online shopping receipts. Paribus will then monitor their online receipts and look for price drops on the items purchased. If they are eligible for a price adjustment, Paribus will alert them and the retailer and work to get the user the money they deserve back. Paribus monitors stores that most online shoppers already shop at including Target, Kohls, GAP, Old Navy, Overstock, Best Buy, Nordstrom, and many more! (You can view a list of stores that Paribus monitors here).

Paribus also tracks the delivery status of online purchases at select retailers (currently Amazon*). If a guaranteed order arrives later than the retailer promised, Paribus automatically contacts the merchant to request compensation.

How much does Paribus cost?

Paribus is 100% free to join and customers keep 100% of the savings – no hidden fees, nothing your mother would frown at.

What’s in it for a partner?

Paribus is an exciting new product and offers value to customers at many of the largest online retailers. With a 30%+ sign up rate for traffic coming from current affiliates, it can also be a lucrative earnings opportunity for partners.

There are two ways for partners to earn with Paribus. First, when a reader signs up as a Paribus user; and second, when Paribus detects an eligible purchase from one of our monitored retailers. Many of our publishers have been with us since the beginning and remain great partners as we continue to scale.

We are looking to work with high quality, motivated partners that have great content and fit our target audience.  

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As A Paribus partner, You’ll Receive The Following Program Perks:

  • 30-day cookie window
  • Average 25% CVR
  • Seasonal promotional opportunities
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team

Have questions? Visit Paribus’s FAQ.


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*Amazon no longer offers price adjustments.

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