What is Content Commerce?

One minute you’re searching for the “best organic toothpaste” and reading an article filled with product links. The next minute, you click, make a purchase, and voila – you’ve officially entered the realm of content commerce.

Consumers crave informative and engaging experiences when exploring new products and services. Recognizing this, brands are seamlessly blending e-commerce with a content-centric approach – 72% already adopting content commerce in their affiliate programs. This combination not only enriches online shopping experiences with valuable information, but it also results in higher conversion rates and enhanced customer retention. 

What is Content Commerce?

Content commerce is the strategic collaboration between brands and partners, engineered to create unique consumer shopping experiences. Publishers take the lead, producing engaging editorial content that reflects their values and educates consumers about specific brands and product categories that resonate.

Marketers gain an advantage here, from the trust and loyalty consumers already have with these publishers. This is especially beneficial, as 81% of consumers read product recommendations or research brands before making a new purchase. Industry leaders like Buzzfeed have successfully employed this strategy, blending enjoyable content with the “organic” promotion of brands and products.

Responsible for facilitating these collaborations, agencies like Perform[cb] play a crucial role in expanding content commerce efforts. They handle the administrative work, ensuring a seamless alignment between brands, publishers and placements, connecting values and audiences for effective commerce. Agencies excel in identifying top-notch partners, fostering trust through transparent communication, and optimizing campaigns in real-time. With a focus on customization, effective communication, educational resources, and staying current with industry trends, they ensure successful and evolving partnerships. Ready to embark on your content commerce journey? Contact us today to begin!

Benefits of Content Commerce

With content commerce, customer preferences take center stage. Let’s explore some of the benefits of this transformative approach.

  • Drive Engagement – Content commerce employs tools like product videos, quizzes, and listicles to enhance consumer engagement. Beyond showcasing product benefits, these elements foster a sense of community and emotional connection. This engagement, a proven method for increasing customer retention and loyalty, directs focus to the value proposition, transforming purchase decisions.
  • Build Trust – By prioritizing your customers’ needs and delivering valuable content, you can move beyond transactions and create lasting brand loyalty. User-generated content (UGC) is a potent tool for building trust and credibility. Advocacy from consumers reflects product quality and relevance, enhancing customer buy-in and fostering a trusted community.
  • Boost Sales – Content commerce blends editorial and e-commerce, offering educational and entertaining material that guides the customer journey. Products become integral to an enjoyable content experience, boosting conversion rates. Personalized content, tailored to customer needs, fosters closer relationships and transforms users into loyal, repeat customers.
  • Increase Brand Awareness – Strong content allows you to showcase your company’s identity and brand values. Brand awareness goes beyond name recognition—it’s about ensuring your audience understands the unique qualities that define your brand.

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Types of Content Commerce

Content commerce can take on many forms and reach potential customers at any stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Types of content commerce include:

  • Listicles
  • How-to guides
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • Articles/blogs
  • Gift guides
  • Comparison articles
  • Reviews 
  • Quizzes & games
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Infographics
  • User-generated content (UGC)

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Choosing the Right Content Commerce Formats for Your Brand

Tailoring your content commerce strategy to the specific needs of your business is crucial. Think about which formats will work for your products and services. For instance, if your product is complex, a how-to guide or video can be beneficial. For information-heavy content, infographics might be a suitable choice. Keep your audience’s demographics and psychographics in mind; short-form videos may resonate with Millennials, while older generations may prefer long-form text.

Align your content formats with how your audience consumes information. Reflect on the platforms they use, the time they dedicate to content consumption, and the context of their consumption. Understanding your customers’ content consumption habits, such as where and when they engage with content, is essential.

Additionally, explore your competitors’ strategies. While maintaining the uniqueness of your approach, conduct market research to understand what captivates your target audience and identify opportunities for differentiation.

Content Commerce is Everywhere

Whether you realize it or not, content commerce is a regular part of your purchasing routine, especially when seeking recommendations for non-routine or high-ticket items. Beyond its role as a consumer practice, commerce content serves as a cost-effective way for brands to promote their products or services, leveraging the trust publishers have cultivated with their audience. 

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