Tips to get your pub account approval in record speed!

At Clickbooth we process a few thousand applications for publisher accounts on our network every month. It takes about 3 minutes to fill out our application and up to 72-hours for us to review and approve. Today I thought I would give everyone some tips on how you can make sure you have completed your application correctly because one of the first things that can slow down your approval is incomplete information on your application. We don’t want that and neither do you so let’s take a look at the 3 step application process.

Step 1 of the publisher application process is pretty straightforward. We want to know all of your contact information. You name, address and email are required fields. If you have a company name and fax # please list that too.

TIP: One thing that many people miss completing is their AIM handle. It is not a required field but if you have questions AIM is such any easy way for us both to stay connected. If you have not signed up for an AIM account you should. It is free and your affiliate manager (once you are approved) can stay in constant contact with you using this service.

Step 2 is phone verification. To prevent fraud, your phone number must be verified to complete the publisher application. Get ready when you submit that number to get a call almost immediately from our third party verification system. When you answer you will be given a pin number to enter on the site to continue with your application process.

TIP: If you are not at able to answer the call, or miss the call for some reason, the pin number will be left on your voice mail. You will need to enter this pin number so you can proceed with the next step in the application process.

Step 3 is where we want information about your website. If you have a web site select what type of site it is, where the majority of your traffic is coming from and be sure to include the website address.

TIP: If you do not have a web site you can still sign up for an account. Many of our publishers are opt-in email marketers. Let us know by making a note of it in the comments box.

TIP: Please do not put someone else’s website address (like Google or Yahoo) on your application. This could potentially get your account denied and it definitely will slow down your approval.

TIP: If another publisher has referred you to Clickbooth let us know. Be sure to enter their CD# when completing step 3.

Once you hit submit you will see a note telling you that it can take up to 72-hours for approval of your publisher account.

That’s it! These tips are pretty simple stuff that hopefully will get you on your way to getting an approved account today!

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