How to: 6 tips on working with dating offers in Tier 1 from MGID and Perform[cb]

Dating offers tend to garner quite a bit of attention and click through rates during winter. So, don’t hesitate to choose the offer and start earning! Here are some tips on how to pick the right offer.

Due to the high demand for online dating services, affiliates have a wide range of offers to pick from. However, it is common that affiliate networks can sell the same offers on different terms. To avoid being fooled, conduct research before choosing the offer. Keep in mind that payouts differ for particular GEO: $5-$6 (up to $8) per DOI-lead in Tier-1 countries; $2-$3 in Asian and Latam countries.

To reach Tier 1 countries, you need much more than only high payouts. Here are some million-dollar tips for you:

 1. Be ready to spend

Dating offers are known to be well-performing and highly profitable in Tier 1 countries –  but that’s not 100% true. The truth is, you should not expect that if you invest $100, you will immediately gain millions. To succeed with your offer, be ready to invest a significant sum to test your offer first and collect the data necessary to optimize your campaign in the future.  $1000 – $1500 is an optimal budget to launch your campaign.

2. Previous experience with dating offers is a must to succeed in Tier 1.

MGID widgets are naturally embedded in the layout of the website, and all publishers are divided into 41 categories. Despite advance targeting options, CTR is still important. When launching your campaign, don’t underestimate the importance of landing pages and creatives. If you’re using previously tested and well- performed teasers, you can easily scale your campaigns with MGID.

Of course, if there is no previous record, it will take more time and funds to reach significant results. But no need to worry, an MGID manager is always here to cover you.  Moreover, when launching the campaign, prepare several landings and teasers to maintain a smooth transition for users.

3. From a practical point of view.

When choosing the offer from your affiliate network, take a look at the signup form. The registration form on the landing page should be understandable and not too complex.

We have done A/B testing, and among 4 registration forms of different complexity levels, the third one appeared to be the most effective (the fourth one was the most complicated).

About 3 to 4 boxes to fill is sufficient. Additionally, questionnaires perform well for dating landings. Users may be asked to select gender, age, and enter personal interests and preferences. These types of sign-up pages make users believe that by filling out this information, they will find a perfect match.

MGID Insights: offers with Asian women demonstrate surprisingly high results in the US, and Slavic girls are the most clickable in Europe. Keep in mind that teasers and landing pages should be handled with the same visual identity. Believe it or not, landing page in Windows 98-2000 theme for adult dating show high conversion rates.

4. Money always matters.

Talk to your affiliate manager. If your campaigns are successful, your payouts could be increased. If the current payment does not allow you to get a good ROI – ask, maybe the leads that you generate will eventually demonstrate high LTV for the advertiser, and he can reconsider conditions for you. The CPA goal of 4$ – 6$ per DOI is reachable.

5. Use all available optimization tools in the MGID dashboard.  

The point is to collect data on your campaign during the week and check what publishers bring you conversions or perform poorly. Use Selective Bidding tools and take advantage of high performing websites. It will prevent you from an inefficient increase in price per click so you will save your money. Moreover, the Price Recommendation Engine is always at hand. It advises you on the price increase/decrease to win the auction and analyses how much more traffic you can possibly gain from other publishers.

An MGID Account Manager is always at your side to help you and do the campaign optimization.  S/he is aware of the latest market insights, including average prices in popular verticals. Sales funnel and high CTR teasers could also be developed for your unique campaign. Our big clients totally rely on the MGID staff and only check the monthly stats once per month.

However, there is one condition – your first deposit must be at least $500 to access the full-service platform. After this point, you do not need to struggle with creatives any more – our designers will take the lead.

6. Try new formats

Push notifications have been trending the last year, and for a reason. Most users do not utilize the full potential of push notifications. But it is an effective instrument to deliver messages directly to the customer’s mobile device or desktop. Recently, MGID started to collect its own database, and last month we delivered 400 million push notifications worldwide.

When discussing formatting, it is necessary to maintain a coherent connection within the sales funnel. The push notification itself should be designed as a message –  for instance: “You have 2 unread messages from Stacy ?

Today, it is hard to imagine texting without using emojis. Emojis proved to be a natural addition to push notifications. You can also experiment with images used in push notifications, changing them to the cropped snap of a girl, or any other image that seems suitable for your offer- a message icon, for example.

Keep in mind these tips and your conversions will skyrocket!

  1. At the start, be ready to spend more –  success does not come right away. ?
  2. Previous successful experience with dating offers will be an advantage. ?
  3. The registration form on the landing page should be understandable and not too complex.?
  4. Reconsider terms with your affiliate network manager if you have strong leads and high performing rates.?‍♂️
  5. Utilize the full potential of the MGID platform, listen to your account manager and enjoy custom creative service.?
  6. Push-notifications and dating offers are a perfect match if designed in the same format with the teaser and the sales funnel.?

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