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Promotional Planning For Your Most Profitable Q4

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 29 2023
In the affiliate realm, nailing your Q4 promotions demands strategic planning. Perform[cb] has just the resource you need to get in front of holiday shoppers.

Optimizing Your Ad Spend for the Final Q4 Holiday Sprint

Posted By Perform[cb] on Dec 6 2022
Reach last-minute holiday shoppers by investing your remaining Q4 ad spend in top awareness channels.

Q4 Promotional Planning: Plan Ahead for Seasonal Success

Posted By Perform[cb] on Apr 5 2022
Plan ahead with Perform[cb] to ensure your Q4 holiday promotional planning is set up for ROI success.

A Solution to Combating Supply Chain Struggles: Performance Marketing

Posted By Perform[cb] on Nov 17 2021
Don’t let supply chain issues stand in the way of success this holiday season. Learn how performance marketing can be the solution to avoid overselling and overpromising to customers.

Prepare for Q1 Seasonality Success by Focusing on Top Verticals

Posted By Perform[cb] on Nov 8 2021
Consumers will soon be shifting their buying habits to focus on achieving New Year’s resolutions. Marketers with Q1 seasonality must begin preparing promotions now to turn resolutions into revenue.

Tips to Drive Affiliate Success Through Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Posted By Perform[cb] on Oct 11 2021
Maximize reach and drive affiliate success this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Perform[cb]’s top strategies.

Stay Ahead in Q4 with Perform[cb]’s Holiday Seasonality Checklist

Posted By Perform[cb] on Oct 1 2021
Proactive holiday campaign planning can “make or break” your Q4 success. Kickstart your campaign strategy with Perform[cb]’s Q4 seasonal checklist and holiday calendar.

Preparing Your Affiliate Marketing for The Holiday Season in the Wake of COVID-19

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 25 2020
Thus far, 2020 has been about the farthest thing from ‘ordinary’. Though it may feel as if we’re perpetually stuck in the month of March when society as we know it shut down, the reality is Q4 is right around the corner, and this year it’s going to look a little different.

How to Succeed in Digital Advertising During Q4 Seasonality in 2020

Posted By Perform[cb] on Aug 19 2020
With the holidays and Q4 quickly approaching, retailers and brands are starting to wonder how this year’s holiday season will look given the uncertainty of today’s world. How will media planning and digital ad space be affected by the lack of in-person shopping? What will marketers need to do differently in order to prepare properly for the inevitable changes that the 2020 holidays will yield?

Affiliate Marketing: Preparing for Q4 Seasonality

Posted By Perform[cb] on Sep 30 2019
Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, Q4 is typically an explosive time for promotions, paid media, and shipping deals.
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