Offer Customization for Affiliates – You Have Never Seen Anything Like This

You know how great it is that Netflix just seems to know what you are going to want to watch next, even before you do? As an affiliate partner, have you ever wished that you didn’t have to hunt for the right offers? That offers could be recommended to you based on the offers you’re currently running, or the traffic you have available? Consider Perform[cb] your fairy godmother, as your wish has been granted! Our team is excited to announce the launch of PerformLEAP®’s new Offer Discovery Interface – offer customization for affiliates. This update includes key features such as an updated daily reporting dashboard with new categories such as New and Noteworthy, Trending Offers and Verticals, and Recommended for You. Sound good to you? Learn more about these new categories, what our affiliate partners can expect from each, and more below:

This first of the new dashboard’s categories is derived from PerformLEAP’s original Featured Offers section. Here, affiliate partners can browse the top verticals ranked by performance; this performance ranking is calculated using a background formula that determines which offers are driving the most traffic and generating revenue for our affiliates and marketers. Within this category, affiliates will always find the most relevant, available offers at any given time.

New and Noteworthy

Somewhat self-explanatory, the New and Noteworthy category showcases those offers that have launched in the past 30 days and have achieved a high performance score. This is the place to go for affiliate partners who are looking for fresh offers with newly proven promise.

True to its Netflix-style roots, PerformLEAP’s Recommended for You category provides affiliates with the top offers for them. These are based on similar background data derived from the offer’s overall performance network-wide. Affiliate partners are able to sort these offers by both vertical and traffic types.

Top Traffic Types and Offers for Affiliates

For those looking for the tried and true category, Top Traffic Types and Offers is where you will look. It allows affiliates to view and sort the top offers on the Network by traffic type. This category showcases the offers that have performed best over the last 30 days.

Perform[cb] Exclusives

Another category that is self-explanatory by name, Perform[cb] Exclusives highlights. All these offers are exclusive to the Perform[cb] Network. These offers are denoted by “EXCL” in the offer name. Perform[cb] Exclusives have always been a favorite of our affiliates, as these offers can only be found here.

Top Offers by Vertical

Last but certainly not least, Top Offers by Vertical features the six top-performing verticals on the Network. This is during a 30-day period, with the 10 top-performing offers within each vertical. Following this featured verticals section, affiliates will find a summary of each vertical with a total count of the number of offers per vertical.

In addition to the exciting updates to the dashboard, our affiliate partners will notice modifications to their daily reporting. These including optimizations to the month-to-date revenue graph. New to reporting, the dashboard now provides partners with an end-of-month pace in order to forecast performance compared with the month prior.

The Perform[cb] affiliate team has already started to receive stellar feedback from our partners regarding these platform updates of offer customization for affiliates. “Our affiliates have been raving about this update since day one. We’ve received all kinds of messages from saying they’ve told all of their friends about it, to explain that this update’s made their day to day 100 times more efficient, and beyond. The team loves to hear this kind of feedback – this is why we do what we do.” says Brian Taylor, Perform[cb]’s Executive Vice President of Partners.

As always, we value our clients’ feedback above all else. In order to make it even easier for our affiliates to provide that feedback, the Perform[cb] team has created a “Give Feedback” button that now lives at the top of every page within PerformLEAP. Our team is constantly optimizing and seeking new ways to provide our clients with the best technology and in-platform features possible. Some of our best features have been inspired by suggestions from our very own affiliate partners, so what are you waiting for? Log in now to learn more about these new features and share your thoughts about offer customization for affiliates with our team!

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