Perform[cb] Launches Quip Affiliate Program

Ignite OPM is ecstatic to welcome rising toothbrush subscription star, quip, to the affiliate program family!


Coined the “Tesla of Toothbrushes” by the press, quip is taking off with consumers and investors alike. Originating from a New York dentist, quip came to fruition from a request for the “cheapest electric toothbrush available. It also combats the damaging commonality of brushing too hard. The toothbrush’s sleek design is centered around user experience; avoiding unnecessary complexities, overly-complicated functionality, and bulky composition were key components for quip’s design team. Consumers can choose between a variety of plastic and metal bases. Each brush includes interchangeable heads and replacement batteries delivered every three months with free shipping. Quip provides its patrons with the best prices and customer service by utilizing a subscription business model.

Ignite Sr. Account Executive, Luisa Carneiro, is a current quip subscriber and loves it! Preferring things neat and tidy, Luisa is a big fan of quip’s cordless design and the fact that she can stick the stand right to her bathroom mirror. Having used other electric toothbrushes in the past, Luisa really enjoys everything the quip subscription includes. “I used to forget to buy new toothbrush heads all the time. Having to re-order was such a pain. For only $5 every 3 months, I get a new toothbrush head and AAA batteries for the brush. The price is totally worth it knowing I don’t have to worry about replacing anything. Plus, I have a gold toothbrush now. How cool is that?”


Moving forward, Ignite Senior Account Manager Team Lead, Casey Poeschl is excited to launch and manage quip’s affiliate program. Casey has bold goals for quip and the strategy to back it up. “Our goal with quip is to double the current contribution of affiliate revenue. Our plan is to optimize their current publisher list, as well as recruit and onboard our top producing publishers.” By doing this, which includes some of Ignite’s top subscription reviewers, Casey hopes to increase quip’s reach and scale. Ignite OPM is also planning to update quip’s payout structure to be more competitive and gain interest from top content publishers. Finally, quip is interested in adding a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) campaign, which Casey and team are very excited about! With all of the possibility and innovation coming from quip, Ignite OPM can’t wait to launch their affiliate channel and watch it flourish.

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