Top 3 Reasons Why We Loved SubSummit 2018

The Ignite team had a blast last week sponsoring and exhibiting at SubSummit 2018. Our team has been participating in this conference since its inception three years ago. However, this year we were able to attend on our home turf in Denver, CO! Having attended, exhibited, and co-hosted an exclusive happy hour, there was plenty to love about this year’s Subscription Summit. Read on to learn the top three reasons why we loved SubSummit 2018.

One of the main reasons Ignite attends SubSummit is for the industry insights; to keep up with the hottest trends and understand how others in our field are utilizing them. Ignite Managing Director, Lauren Pfanmiller, was able to attend Hitwise’s Subscription Box Consumers Top Secret Insights session and My Subscription Addiction’s Reimagining The Customer Experience panel.

Less Social, More Mobile

First, the typical subscription box shopper is millennials with a college degree making $100k+. This also includes students living in college towns or hipster neighborhoods. Knowing this, Ignite OPM has expanded its distribution for their subscription clients to publishers with these demographics. Subscription boxes are also relying less on social than in previous years. Additionally, publishers using an affiliate model are driving significantly more traffic for subscription sites year-over-year. Ignite’s clients have capitalized on this by creating deeper integrations with subscription sites to help scale their quality affiliate traffic. Additionally, 1 in every 50 searches to subscription sites include the word “best” or “review”. This is why it is so important to build and manage an all-encompassing review site strategy; securing your brand shows up in all of these search results.

Finally, while relying less on social, subscription boxes are ahead of the curve in the shift to mobile. Approximately 65% of subscription site visits come from mobile devices. Ignite OPM manages desktop, mobile web, and app distribution for their clients to ensure their strategies accommodate the customer’s entire buying journey; this is becoming more important for all brands to start embracing. Thank you to Hitwise and My Subscription Addiction for making these discussions both informative and engaging.

Affiliate: Endless Opportunity

A second reason to love SubSummit this year was the opportunity for Ignite to participate in the Affiliate Partnerships That Scale session; moderated by Lauren Pfanmiller, featuring industry experts from Blue Apron, Groupon, and Ibotta. During this session, Blue Apron spoke about how affiliate is this endless channel of opportunity and how much of a role affiliate has played in Blue Apron’s overall growth since starting with Ignite OPM and the affiliate channel over 3 years ago. Groupon spoke about the impressive targeting capabilities they have in their affiliate division, and Ibotta discussed the expansive mobile distribution and engagement they can support across brands in the affiliate space. Being able to get on stage with these professionals and discuss their firsthand experiences within the subscription space was a fantastic opportunity to share our personal learnings and best practices with the audience.  


Finally, Ignite’s third reason for loving this year’s conference was the networking opportunities. Between exhibiting, attending sessions and the Cube Awards, and co-hosting an exclusive happy hour, Ignite was able to make some fantastic new connections. Of course, SubSummit was also an opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends, making this year’s conference valuable and enjoyable.

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