Perform[cb] Launches FanDuel Affiliate Program

The newest addition to the Ignite OPM affiliate program family is fantasy sports giant, FanDuel!

FanDuel is the second largest daily fantasy sports provider in the U.S. based out of New York City. The company was originally founded in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founders, Nigel Eccles, Lesley Eccles, Tom Griffiths, Rob Jones, and Chris Stafford were running Hubdub at the time. Originally FanDuel was for all current events, Hubdub closed in 2010 so that the founders could focus solely on FanDuel. FanDuel didn’t have issues gaining users in the beginning. However, their founders found it difficult to create a sustainable business model. While attending SXSW, the FanDuel founders decided to stick with the fantasy sports niche. FanDuel knew they needed to make their platform mobile-friendly, though. From there, the team focused on enhancing FanDuel’s mobile and desktop capabilities, eventually expanding into the U.K. and Scottish markets.

Ignite Sales Executive, Sam Haseltine, is an avid sports fan. Sam has used FanDuel in the past for a variety of fantasy sports. He enjoys the simplicity of FanDuel’s platform and how easy it is for users to manage their teams. Furthermore, Sam noted, “The user-friendly mobile and desktop platforms make it so simple for sports fans to play fantasy games on a regular basis. Sports every day – who wouldn’t want that?”

Ignite Media Manager, Alex Howell, said she looks forward to all the promise that the FanDuel affiliate program has to offer. In regard to launching the program, Alex said she plans to kick things off by launching lower funnel top publishers as soon as possible to take advantage of seasonality. From there, the team plans to optimize the program based on where they see the highest number of funded customers accounts. Finally, the team is looking forward to the new games FanDuel is rolling out this year in an effort to help diversify the audience of gamers.

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