Perform[cb] Launches Acorns Affiliate Program

Welcoming another great client to the Ignite family – the Acorns affiliate program! An investment app for up-and-coming investors, Acorns comes to Ignite OPM with new and exciting brand developments in the works.


Bolstered by CNBC as “the new Millennial investing strategy”, Acorns has been getting a lot of attention recently due to two recent bouts of big news; the launch of an Acorns payment card linked to a debit account, as well as a retirement savings account, which already has more than 100,000 users enrolled. Defined as “the 21st-century version of a piggy bank” by CNN, Acorns helps its users stash cash away while investing the spare change for you. If users choose to link their debit cards to the app, any time a purchase is made, Acorns will round it up to the nearest dollar and place it into your investment savings. Once a user’s investment savings hit $5.00, the app will automatically invest it into the user’s pre-set investment portfolio.

Founded by Walter and Jeff Cruttenden in 2014, Acorns now has over 3.5 million users. With investors such as Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Durant and an advisory board boasting two Nobel Prize-winning economists, Acorns continues to make waves in the mobile investment world.

Who doesn’t love to save money with minimal to no effort? Ignite OPM’s Senior Sales Strategy Executive, Luisa Carneiro, has used Acorns in the past and had rave reviews of the platform. “The app was incredibly easy to use, especially for novice investors. It’s basically a set it and forget it type of model. I know every time I make a purchase, Acorns is taking that money and making it grow”. The way to a financially ambitious millennial’s heart? Effortless action, instantaneous investing, and tangible results.


With the exponential growth surrounding Acorns, the company is looking to Ignite OPM to grow their affiliate channel. The Ignite team couldn’t be more excited to start applying their strategy for Acorns. “We plan to get strategic with our program structure and publisher payouts to ensure we back out to Acorn’s all-in CPA goals”. Mike also notes that Acorns’ low cost of $1.00/month and unique business model are attractive for new customer acquisition. Mike notes the market potential is high for new user acquisition. The team plans to leverage and recruit relevant, existing publisher relationships who have found success in financial apps. Finally, Mike plans to align the Acorns affiliate program with high-quality PR efforts and articles. He hopes these efforts will capitalize on high-engagement, industry-relevant traffic sources. Mike and team are excited to get to work on their plans and watch the Acorns affiliate program flourish.

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