Perform[cb] Takes a Stand to Defend Affiliate Marketing

As an industry leader, Clickbooth understands the responsibility to not only look out for our best interests, but the interests of the entire affiliate marketing industry. That is why we chose to aggressively defend the litigation with Essociate. Essociate is a patent troll who has sued a lot of networks. When Essociate sued us, instead of looking to settle, we chose to fight. In doing so, we sought a ruling that we not only were not violating the patent but that the patent itself was invalid.  If successful, this would mean that Essociate would not be able to bring any more suits against other networks. Recently, the court agreed with Clickbooth’s arguments and ruled that the Essociate patent was invalid.  Clickbooth‘s defense counsel Richard B. Newman stated, “We are pleased the court agrees with Clickbooth’s position that Essociate’s patent claims are directed to an abstract idea.” If this ruling is upheld on appeal, this will be a big win for the industry.  Erin Cigich, Clickbooth CEO, commented, “Essociate has imposed burdensome federal litigation on industry colleagues for years. We decided that it was time for someone to take a stand. Clickbooth will continue to aggressively defend the interests of the affiliate marketing industry.”

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