Perform[cb] in the Community: Earl and Mary Watts After School Program

Market Research Coordinator, Kaelyn Keane, works on painting a study room for the students of the after-school program.

Our company motto of “Think Bigger” doesn’t just apply to our business – it applies to everything we do, including Clickbooth in the community and our commitment to local philanthropic groups. We support, donate to, and volunteer with a number of local organizations, including United Way Suncoast

United Way (UW) was created in Denver, Colorado, – incidentally where Clickbooth’s companies Adperio and Ignite reside –  in 1887. The founders wanted to create a non-profit that could include and unify many other organizations and, in the process, strengthen one another. 37 years later, the Tampa Bay chapter was created and has now expanded into 5 counties: Hillsboro, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, and DeSoto.

The Premier Partnership for the Premier CPA Network

Director of Human Resources, Terry Vajgrt, tackles the highest portion of painting in the clubhouse.

Last week, volunteers from United Way and Clickbooth came together to help paint and transform a community clubhouse into a vibrant after-school program for children in the community. The program will be named the Earl and Mary Watts After School Program, honoring the two Newtown community leaders who were sadly killed in 2002. Naming the program after them is a nod to their personal commitment to giving back and their unwavering dedication to their community.

The after-school program is sponsored by United Way Suncoast in partnership with Better Tomorrows, Michaels Organization, and University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, whose students majoring in Education will be given the opportunity to work one on one with the children participating in the program. They will be helping the students with a variety of services including homework facilitation, reading achievement, IReady completion, social, emotional, and character education lessons, study skills reinforcement, and other fun activities. ​

Vibe Manager, Ryan Hill, delicately touches up a wall.

Thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in creating a fun, welcoming environment for the students, 9 of Clickbooth’s employees enthusiastically donned painting clothes, grabbed some brushes, and set to work. 

“Everyone at United Way Suncoast was so grateful and thrilled to have nine volunteers from Clickbooth to help us paint the space at the Janie’s Garden Clubhouse in preparation for the opening of the Earl and Mary Watts After School Program,” said Sharon Noel, Corporate Relationship Manager at United Way Suncoast in Sarasota.

Clickbooth has worked closely with United Way over the last year, and was one of the first companies in the area to partner with United Way and Salesforce on their new Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud (think Facebook, except more philanthropy and fewer debates). Additionally, Clickbooth recently participated in a recent UW school drive for student and teacher supplies. 

VP of Product, Julie Martin (L), and Corporate Recruiting Manager, Stefanie Brady (R), worked hard to create a fun space for the students to study and do homework.

Clickbooth Gives Back

The values and mission of United Way align well with the culture and values of Clickbooth, creating a synergistic partnership that allows Clickbooth and its employees to give back to the community. Assisting with the painting of Janie’s clubhouse was an incredible opportunity for United Way and Clickbooth to come together and help create something that will positively impact the community for years to come.

 “Change cannot happen alone,” said Noel, “Thanks to Clickbooth, and their rapid response to our request for volunteers, we are on our way to making this high quality after school program available to 1st thru 6th graders living in Janie’s Garden Apartments.  I can’t wait to see the look on their faces!”

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